WWE confirms huge WrestleMania role for Bad Bunny

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WWE confirms huge WrestleMania role for Bad Bunny

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about what could be one of the most viewed and talked about matches of the next edition of WrestleMania, which will air on two separate evenings, just like last year, the next 10 and 11 of April by Raymond James.

Stadium in Tampa Bay. It is now from the Royal Rumble that the rumor of a possible tag team match with the 24/7 Champion, Bad Bunny, has also been released online. The four-way contest, in fact, should see on the one hand the Puerto Rican-born rapper and the former NXT athlete who recently joined the main roster, Damian Priest and on the other hand the couple formed by The Miz and John Morrison.

Between the four there have already been skirmishes in recent weeks, with Bad Bunny having hit the two Raw heels several times, especially infuriating The Miz. After the brief juncture in which the Awesome One is back WWE Champion, now it would seem that the management of the federation may have all the time available to create the Wrestlemania 37 tag team match between the two teams.

What is next for Bad Bunny in WWE?

WWE Universe fans trying to buy tickets online for this year's WrestleMania edition were presented with a new illustrative image of several WWE Superstars ahead of the Showcase of the Immortals, including the presence of 24/7 Champion, who apparently is now part of the company's roster.

Together with the inevitable Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Edge, Charlotte Flair and all the other well-known faces of the moment, the rap singer who holds the WWE green-gold belt also appears, a sign that its use in the Wrestlemania rings is now confirmed, albeit indirectly by the federation.

We'll see in the coming weeks how WWE will almost certainly build the tag team match between Bad Bunny and Priest on the one hand and The Miz and John Morrison on the other. Bad Bunny will surely be returning to WWE on a high-note following his success at Grammy Awards.

However, he will have to look over his shoulder, considering the Puerto Rican rapper is holding the 24/7 Championship. There will definitely be a lot of WWE Superstars looking to knock Bad Bunny off his perch by taking away his title.

While WWE Superstars like Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa, and Tucker are always seeking an opportunity to win the gold, Bad Bunny would be wary of the threat posed by R-Truth. The 49-time 24/7 Champion will be looking to get his "baby" back at all costs.