Current superstar reveals similarity between him and The Rock

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Current superstar reveals similarity between him and The Rock

Since his arrival on the main WWE roster with his Royal Rumble 2021 debut, Damian Priest has landed on Monday Night Raw and receives accolades from the WWE Universe week after week. We have seen him convince in the ring and get victories against wrestlers of the caliber of Elias and above all of the former WWE Champion The Miz.

Speaking to The Irish Sun, Damian Priest revealed his Mount Rushmore of pro-wrestling and also talked about what he believes to be a great resemblance between him and WWE legend The Rock. Here are the statements of the wrestler of the red show: "The Rock and I have several things in common, I have to say not just wrestling.

We both come from the same cultural background, in general, I'm not ashamed to say that we both come from nowhere."

The Rock paid his dues before making it big in WWE

Speaking instead of the strongest athletes in history, of his so-called Mount Rushmore the wrestler said: "Of course there is The Rock, but besides him, I also insert The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels" There has been a lot of talk about a possible Tag Team Match at Wrestlemania 37 between Damian Priest, paired with the well-known singer Bad Bunny (starring in Raw in recent weeks) against The Miz and John Morrison.

In addition to this, the wrestler spoke thus in an interview to the microphones of Sportkeeda Wrestling: "Who would I like to face in WWE? Of course, I would say anyone, there is a lot of talent on the roster, but I would love to be at the top of the show and to do that I'm trying to take inspiration from the best.

Working with Drew McIntyre, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Edge and Roman Reigns would do my career a lot, let's talk about real champions and faces of the company for years, sharing the ring with them wouldn't be bad at all and I could prove my worth.

When it comes to this, however, it must be said that I must not do it only for others, but above all to demonstrate how much I am worth to myself." Damian Priest couldn't be more right while talking about The Rock coming from nothing.

Despite being the son of Rocky Johnson, a famous pro-wrestler, The Rock had to work his way up the business. For years, The Great One struggled and worked incredibly hard to become a professional wrestler before finally making his way to WWE in the mid-90s.

Initially dubbed Rocky Maivia, he was severely bashed by fans for being a generic babyface with no personality. The hate got to a point where he was getting bombarded with chants of "Die Rocky Die!" Later, the young gun had a character change, thus resulting in the birth of The Rock, possibly the most entertaining gimmick in pro-wrestling history.