Josh Barnett On Brock Lesnar Competing in Bloodsport

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Josh Barnett On Brock Lesnar Competing in Bloodsport

Josh Barnett is a legit catch wrestler and he recently spoke about Brock Lesnar possibly competing in Bloodsport. Josh is one of the most popular MMA fighters of all time, and one of the most popular Catch Wrestlers in the world.

He is also a professional wrestler and is one of the only professional wrestlers in the world that had a legit catch wrestling background. Besides being a wrestler himself, he also trained various catch wrestlers that are now professional wrestlers.

Josh Barnett Comments on Brock Lesnar's Chances of Competing in Bloodsport

Josh is a former UFC Champion. He will be heavily involved in Bloodsport 6. Josh recently spoke about Brock Lesnar possibly competing in a Bloodsport ring.

He spoke to Wrestling Inc. about it. “I have no access to the kind of funds to make that happen,” Barnett admitted. “I’ve also reached out to Cain Velasquez through his management. We’re just not capable of — money is too much of an issue there, and that’s fair because nobody has to do anything for us.

Nobody owes us any real favors that way. “If someone like Cain, well, I could make an offer to Brock, but there’s nothing I could do that would entice Brock Lesnar considering the kind of money that he makes and has made so that’s totally fine.

But my appeal is always that there is no better place for people that really want to just show exactly who they are in that professional wrestling ring, in the rawest environment possible with all the other stuff stripped away and just let whatever is inside their soul shine out.

“There’s no place better for it than Bloodsport, and if that interests you, then we got something for you, but if you’re looking at it as a business transaction, which I won’t fault you either, we’re working on it but some things are more important than money”.

Back when Lesnar was an MMA fighter, Barnett actually wanted to fight Lesnar inside an Octagon. However, that never happened. “Well, I’d probably send him to voicemail right off the bat because I wouldn’t recognize the number, and then I’d have to call him back, something like that,” Josh Barnett noted.

“There’s more than a few people that I could think of capable of meeting Brock Lesnar in the Bloodsport ring. We don’t lack for capable and wanting fighters”.