Paul Heyman says AEW star rejected WWE due to Roman Reigns

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Paul Heyman says AEW star rejected WWE due to Roman Reigns

In the latest AEW PayPer View, Revolution, there was a sensational surprise with the arrival in the company of Tony Khan of Christian. The Canadian wrestler, a great friend of Rated-R Superstar Edge, unexpectedly landed in AEW after his return to the world of wrestling in the last Royal Rumble 2021.

In this match Christian had intervened by surprising all the insiders seeing an injury that had kept him stationary for months, but, while all wrestling fans were expecting his presence on Raw or SmackDown, the Canadian wrestler shocked everyone and is landed in the rival company of the WWE, now returning to call himself with the name of Christian Cage.

During the last episode of Talking Smack, the manager and adviser Paul Heyman spoke about this goodbye, revealing that the real reason for the choice of the wrestler to leave the company of Vince McMahon was related to the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

A very particular intervention, given that in an official WWE show a real news was used (albeit for mere storyline purposes), whose reference, although implicit, leads to the current great "enemy" of WWE: the AEW.

Roman Reigns’ complicated path to WrestleMania 37

During the broadcast, obviously giving space to the character Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman clarified his words better: "Edge, your best friend in the wrestling world (referring to Christian, who fights in AEW) knew that he would become the target of Roman Reigns who would attack him just to hit you.

So what did he do? He escaped before Roman could hit him, how many of you have to realize it's not smart to challenge and attack Roman Reigns?" The WWE Universal Champion is expected to take on Edge in the Wrestlemania 37 Main Event, but before this fight Roman Reigns must defend the Fastlane WWE Pay per View title from attack by a less-than-easy opponent like Daniel Bryan.

In fact, therefore, this meeting could change the fate of this feud, even if, according to the latest rumors, it is quite unlikely that Roman Reigns will lose his scepter of champion. The image that WWE wanted to give of its Tribal Chief is of a formidable champion and the federation is unlikely to let things change.

If Roman Reigns holds the Universal Championship until WrestleMania 37, he will defend his title against Royal Rumble winner Edge. WWE’s biggest show of the year will be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on April 10-11.

The final pay-per-view before WrestleMania, WWE Fastlane, is on March 21. There, Daniel Bryan will challenge The Tribal Chief for the Universal Championship, so the Reigns vs. Edge match at WrestleMania could be in jeopardy.