New details on Paige's rumored WWE return

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New details on Paige's rumored WWE return

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about former WWE wrestler and manager Paige, who seemed to be returning to the Stamford-based company ring any day after suffering a bad injury that could cost her very dearly, as well as already cost her her in-ring career.

After having sustained several physical problems after a clash with Sasha Banks in the rings of the McMahon company in one of his last matches, the English athlete has undergone specific visits to qualified clinics to go deeper into this matter.

and she learned that her physical situation no longer allowed her to fight in the rings of an important company like WWE. In recent months, however, rumors had circulated online that Paige could return to the scene after spending a long period out of the action, with her return on-screen in the stint as manager of the Kabuki Warriors, which she had in fact approached and not a little the former NXT and main roster champion to her return to the square.

Latest news on Paige's status

Shortly before the outbreak of the global pandemic, WWE had confirmed how Paige could make a big announcement, while all fans expected the athlete to confirm his return to the scene as a fighter, while instead Paige only confirmed his arrival as manager.

on the rings of the Stamford federation. After Kairi Sane left the scene, nothing more was known about Paige, with her fans still waiting for her possible return to the scene, which at this point will probably never happen.

To confirm the non-appearance in the future of the Stamford company of the WWE British girl, was also the site Ringside News, which interviewing several influential people in the backstage of the McMahon company, received only negative responses regarding Paige's return to WWE.

Apparently, as revealed by the journalists of the well-known overseas site, Paige should not return to WWE in a short time, nor as a manager, no longer having a team to follow, nor as a wrestler, since she has never obtained the pass from the medical team of the federation.

Everything else, as always, is only the result of unfounded rumors passed online as possible bombshell news, which, however, never found a foundation of reality in the behind the scenes of the Stamford federation. We have also been told that there was actually no plan for Paige to make an in-ring return last year.

You can chalk that up to fans getting very hopeful that something would happen. It was never in the plan, because Paige isn’t cleared to compete. We’ll have to see if WWE uses Paige in any way before her contract runs up.

She is still permitted to keep her Twitch Channel, and that’s where fans can find Saraya if they need her for now. Paige was also publicly on Zelina Vega’s side in regards to wanting a pro wrestlers union.