D-Von Dudley reveals which weapon hurts most in TLC match

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D-Von Dudley reveals which weapon hurts most in TLC match

One of the most brutal special stipulations for a WWE match and in the pro-wrestling world, in general, is certainly the TLC, acronym for Tables, Ladders & Chairs, that is the main weapons that the contenders of the match can use inside the ring or even outside, without being disqualified by the referee of the match.

Many athletes have become famous worldwide thanks to their in-ring skills with the aforementioned tools, such as the Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian or the Dudley Boyz, who have made this stipulation their strong point, both in the company rings.

of McMahon that in the rings of other companies, such as the old TNA, now become Impact Wrestling. In the latest episode of his Table Talk podcast, D-Von Dudley wanted to talk about the pain felt inside the matches with the stairs, chairs and tables, going to do also a ranking of what hurts the most.

With regard to the object that hurts the most, D-Von Dudley has in fact told: "People fail to realize how bad those things hurt. I was really hungry years ago when I was younger and more energetic, so it didn't hurt me that much.

Now, when about those things, I say, 'Oh my God.' "

D-Von Dudley has been a part of many legendary moments

D-Von Dudley then continued, "I don't know if I can go through a TLC match again. Fans keep asking us, but I don't think they understand the situation and what you're going to face in those matches.

People always ask me which of the three hurts the most: seats, stairs or tables. In this order: the stairs. I don't like being hit by steel. It's definitely not a good feeling. I would be contradictory if I said that the chair is the one that hurts the least, because I took so many of those sitting on my head, that many times I did not even remember my name.

But seats don't hurt as much as stairs - those really hurt. You try to pull your hands up to try to block them and it all comes out instead. We have little bones on our wrists - when metal hits the wrong place - ouch. The tables...

for me they are like being at home." D-Von Dudley suffered a stroke recently, but he is on the mend and getting better. This was certainly a scary experience, but he had plenty of people rooting for him in WWE. D-Von Dudley is a backstage producer for WWE, and they certainly missed having him around backstage.

More important than that, but D-Von is also a valued member of the WWE family, and those in very high places within the company obviously wanted to make sure that he knew how much he meant to them.