Drew McIntyre Accidentally Drops F-Bomb during RAW Talk

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Drew McIntyre Accidentally Drops F-Bomb during RAW Talk

Drew McIntyre is the former WWE Champion and one of WWE’s top stars. He recently dropped an F-Bomb during his segment on RAW Talk. Drew is known for fighting some of WWE’s best stars, including Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

In fact, Drew was the person that took the WWE title away from Brock Lesnar and carried the title for a really long time. Currently, Bobby Lashley is the WWE Champion and he is extremely popular these days.

Drew McIntyre Accidently Drops an F-Bomb During an Interview

Drew is currently feuding with Sheamus.

Shaemus was on-screen Drew’s best friend. On RAW Talk, Drew spoke about the Feud. Sheamus will fight Drew at Fastlane which is a PPV event. However, during the promo on RAW Talk, Shaemus accidentally dropped an F-Bomb. “It would’ve been simple [to get a WWE Title match], just ask me, just bloody ask me!

Your best friend. You want to do that live on RAW? Sever our friendship? All that fu**ing…,” McIntyre said. After that, R-Truth, co-host, continued the conversation and the other co-host, Kevin Patrick, just smiled.

Drew immediately started apologizing and stated that the reason why he made the mistake is that he is Scottish. “Bleep me, please. I’m Scottish, I’m so sorry, sometimes I get carried away. But you can see exactly where I’m at right now,” McIntyre said.

“I’m as passionate as you can possibly be. This Sunday, we’re going into a match where we’re going to rip each other apart and I apologize for my language. I’m not that guy usually, but this is a situation where I’ve been pushed over the edge”.

Drew is one of the only WWE stars in the world that actually made a come-back and found success in WWE. Drew started his career years ago in WWE, but at that time, he couldn’t really make an impact. So he left the WWE years ago and started working for Impact Wrestling.

At Impact Wrestling, he made a huge name for himself. After challenging and beating some of the best Impact Wrestling stars, he joined WWE again. In WWE, he was used regularly and was involved in various high profile matches before facing Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. After winning the title, Drew McIntyre became one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE.