Former WWE writer is not a fan of AJ Styles' WrestleMania plans

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Former WWE writer is not a fan of AJ Styles' WrestleMania plans

The 37th edition of WrestleMania is getting closer and closer, with WWE intending to host at least a slice of live spectators. However, the outbreak of further outbreaks risks jeopardizing the plans of the Stamford-based federation, which in the meantime is pursuing the various storylines in view of the 'Showcase of the Immortals'

Speaking on Sportskeeda's' Legion of Raw 'show, former WWE writer Vince Russo has criticized AJ Styles' management in recent weeks. The New Day beat Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin (members of The Hurt Business) to take the Raw tag team belts last night.

Immediately after the match, Styles and Omos openly challenged the New Day for a title fight at WrestleMania next month.

Former WWE writer is not a fan of AJ Styles' WrestleMania plans

“Do you want to know the truth about this whole thing? WWE had nothing in mind for AJ Styles at WrestleMania.

Forget everything that was seen in the last episode of Raw, they didn't prepare anything for AJ. That's why they put him in this feud. I always say you have to protect every single character on the show, instead they forgot about Styles," he explained.

Vince Russo did not even like the choice of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin to sadly leave the ring to allow Styles and Omos to carry out their promo. “They had just lost their belts. Instead of being furious, what did they do? They cleared the ring so AJ and Omos could come in and do their promo.

We are talking about something surreal. People can say what they want, but WWE made a glaring mistake. Benjamin and Alexander lost and walked away with their tails between their legs, while Styles and Omos went quietly to the square.

At that moment the intervention of someone as MVP would have been necessary," he added. In the absence of further twists, AJ Styles and Omos will therefore face Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods at WrestleMania. Following their in-ring battle, both The New Day members confronted everyone unhappy about their title win.

They believe that it is not their fault if other superstars on WWE RAW cannot step up to the challenge. Here's what Kofi Kingston had to say: "We told a lot of people what's going to happen. A lot of people are upset.

'Oh! We are tired of seeing the New Day as the champions!' Don't be mad at us. Be mad at Cedric. Be mad at Shelton for not being able to keep the tag team championships. Be mad at all your favorite tag team for not being able to step up against your boys."

"Be mad at them, don't be mad at us for doing our job. All we do is go out there, we entertain, and we win championships. That's it. Don't be mad at us, be mad at your favorites."