WWE Hall of Famer reveals the main issue that Andrade has in WWE

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WWE Hall of Famer reveals the main issue that Andrade has in WWE

In recent days, the situation in which former US Champion of Monday Night Raw, Andrade would have fallen, with the Mexican talent that would really be on a collision course with the WWE, for its lack of use of recent times, has made a lot of talk.

After his last sighting in the rings of the Stamford company's red show, in which The Fiend and Alexa Bliss went to attack the Mexican and his manager of the time, Zelina Vega (currently a free agent after the WWE firing), for Andrade there would be no more on-screen or off-screen projects with the McMahon company.

After taking a rest period due to an injury, the athlete currently engaged to the beautiful Charlotte Flair would have been literally "parked" by the WWE in his backstage, with the Mexican who after several weeks of nothing would have got tired of his treatment, even asking the McMahons to be released.

Andrade's recent WWE release request

In the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, former WWE and WCW world champion Booker T, as well as twice WWE Hall of Famer, wanted to break a lance in favor of the talented Mexican wrestler, saying: "I was reading that Andrade would request his release.

WWE, of course, doesn't want to give it to him, so as not to lose a guy like Andrade. I've said in the past, this guy can easily reach the next level because he has the talent to spare. He is truly special, he is extraordinary.

If he worked on his English as much as he works in the ring, he would already be an established star now. I think that's what keeps him still at the moment, I don't want to mean it in a negative way, of course. But to try and make it popular in America, well, this is something you have to have.

I say this because for example the boxers who come to America and are successful, reaching the next level, are all guys who have studied English. So they can go out there and do promos, answer reporters' questions and I can't become a star.

Take for example Julio Cesar Chavez, who I think is the boxer who never learned to speak English. But then when you are at 100 to 0..." Booker T said that a star like Andrade could be a good fit in AEW. The Hall of Famer then went on to speak about Miro, who AEW signed from WWE and spoke about the promise that he showed in WWE.

A recent report stated that Andrade, who is part of the RAW roster, asked for his release from WWE last week. It was also reported that WWE rejected his release request, while other reports suggested that the former United States Champion looked "miserable" backstage on RAW.