R-Truth completes a trade to become a 50-time WWE 24/7 Champion

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R-Truth completes a trade to become a 50-time WWE 24/7 Champion

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on Monday night, WWE saw fit to change owners to two titles on the red roster, with the couple titles of the company's flagship show going to New Day. and with the 24/7 Championship that has instead returned for the umpteenth time in the hands of its now historic keeper, R-Truth.

The thing that the fans found strange, however, was the way in which the WWE decided to change the owner of the green-gold title of the company, with a backstage segment that saw the two athletes literally start bargaining with.

two belts, with Truth who in fact gave Bad Bunny a belt dedicated to Stone Cold Steve Austin, on the eve of "3:16 Day" and with the Puerto Rican rapper who instead decided to give up his title to the historic athlete of Raw.

What is next for R-Truth and the WWE 24/7 Championship?

According to what was reported by the microphones of the daily newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, through the words of Dave Meltzer, there would be a particular reason behind the choice of the WWE to change the owner of the 24/7 Championship in this way, that is to protect the character of Bad Bunny from an on-screen defeat.

According to what Meltzer stated, in fact: "I don't mean he would have refused to do the job (to lose in this case) because the reality is that I have no idea, but I'm sure they don't want to lose him again.

From WWE's point of view, they don't want him to lose. It's one of those things. That was their reasoning, we give him the belt and he appears on Saturday Night Live and the Grammys with the belt, right? But we don't want him to lose either, so we come up with the corner with the Steve Austin title.

This is the unique way they found to take the title out of it without losing it. It was definitely a unique way." Apparently, the WWE management would have decided to let the rapper win the title to publicize his product on TV as much as possible, with the Puerto Rican showing up at various very important television appointments at which had been invited, with the belt of 24/7 Champion, he attracted the attention of many.

The unique way in which the McMahon federation decided to remove his belt, was instead designed to safeguard his character in view of one of the most important matches for him, which will be the one against The Miz and John Morrison at Wrestlemania, not yet announced however by the WWE.

Now that R-Truth has his "baby" back, questions will be raised about what is next for him and the belt. The norm surrounding the title usually sees R-Truth being chased by a horde of WWE Superstars eager to take the belt from him.

We can expect much of the same in the coming weeks, and perhaps Truth will lose the title a few times. Now that he has achieved the 50-time milestone, we can assume that WWE will push to make him the first 100-time champion.