Bad Bunny got away with saying something very dirty this week

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Bad Bunny got away with saying something very dirty this week

In the last episode of the WWE flag show, which aired Monday night, as always on USA Network TV screens, Bad Bunny was one of the absolute protagonists of the evening, first with an angle in which he literally "gave" his 24/7 Championship to R-Truth, who is, therefore, the new holder and then with another segment in-ring against Elias first and against The Miz then.

To have the worst, however, this time it was the rapper of Puerto Rican origin, who was hit with a guitar in the back by the former WWE Champion, as an act of revenge after the continuous mockery that Bad Bunny and his friend Damian Priests have been perpetrating against the couple formed by Miz and Morrison for weeks.

The most hilarious thing about this curtain, however, was the comment that came from the rapper's mouth, which many did not understand live, both for the language in which the epithet was pronounced, namely Spanish (mother tongue of ) and for all the noises that were in the arena, which did not clearly hear the words of the singer.

Bad Bunny got away with saying something very dirty this week

With a short video that we were able to find online thanks to the usual overseas site Ringside News, we learn of the precise sentence that Bad Bunny would have pronounced live on Raw after being hit by Elias' guitar on the back, by the hand of The Miz.

The exact phrase was in fact "Mama Bichooo", which is a Spanish jargon with which we refer to an "oral practice" very widespread in the world, which certainly is not explained in the pro-wrestling rings and above all not live.

in the early evening. In the urban language of Latin American countries, this phrase literally means the gesture of "sucking", even if it is associated with wicked, selfish and corrupt people. Bad Bunny has so uttered these words in a very embarrassing skit that to everyone it seemed quite normal, with the Latins who, however, remained open-mouthed and with ready laughter, after hearing the rapper scream such obscenities live on Raw.

The word mamabicho means, as defined by Urban Dictionary, “In Puerto Rico when you are using the term literally: mama = suck, bicho = d***”. Yes, Bad Bunny told The Miz to suck his d*** on WWE Raw this week.