New WrestleMania 37 ticket on sale date

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New WrestleMania 37 ticket on sale date

In recent days the WWE has confirmed and then denied news regarding the sale of tickets for the upcoming Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania 37. Initially, the Stamford-based federation was supposed to sell the few tickets for the show of the shows through the usual Ticketmaster website, which for years has been dealing with the online distribution and in the ticket offices of the most important tickets of the McMahon-owned company shows.

Apparently, however, yesterday the sale of the tickets would have been interrupted before starting, with the fans who in fact remained doubtful about what to do, without being able to understand well why the WWE had blocked the sales of his tickets, without even knowing when the sale of the same would resume.

WrestleMania 37: WWE reportedly plans on having tens of thousands of fans

Just a few minutes ago, the Stamford federation decided to shed some light on the story, confirming the new date on which the tickets for WrestleMania 37 will be on sale, which as already reported will start from the sum of 35 dollars and will go up to to 2500, if you take a travel package, with the most interesting places that will be set aside for such packages.

After the WWE press release, which effectively blocked the sale of tickets, with a message that designated the situation as a stalemate, due to problems related to the pandemic and due to some logistical impossibilities, it seems to have been born a new date on which the sales will start, which will be the next 19th of March, or in two days.

Apparently the problems encountered by WWE in recent weeks would have been solved, with the sale of the very first tickets dedicated to fans, after a long year of live shows with no people in the stands, which will guarantee a more lively and exciting show than never; something WWE Universe fans have been hoping to see for some time.

WrestleMania 37 will be taking place inside Raymond James Stadium this year, which were the original plans for last year's WrestleMania before the COVID-19 outbreak caused lockdowns throughout the world. This year's WrestleMania had initially been announced and promoted to occur in Los Angeles, California.

However, partially due to more strict state regulations on events in California, WWE opted to move the event to Tampa. The WWE Universe is excited for WrestleMania because this will be the biggest wrestling event in terms of fan capacity in the U.S.A since the pandemic hit.

It takes place at the end of a long week that will also include the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and two nights of NXT Takeover.