Backstage heat on Charly Caruso

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Backstage heat on Charly Caruso

Many had wondered why Charly Caruso hadn't appeared on WWE screens for weeks and we finally have an answer. As reported by Fightful Select, in fact, the interviewer was removed from the programs because she attracted the ire of the backstage.

But what were the triggers? Apparently, she was late for interviews and there were some issues with Sheamus and Randy Orton specifically. Charly is also currently working with ESPN using his real name, Charny Arnolt. If the situation with the WWE does not resolve itself, therefore, he would already have a backup plan in the sports field.

This is the site quote: "Several inside sources told us how there were problems with Sheamus and Randy Orton that led WWE to remove her from current screens and programming." A situation that promises to be really h*t considering the political weight of Orton in the backstage of the company.

Vince McMahon's reaction to Charly Caruso's tardiness

The former ring announcer had also been the protagonist of a storyline with Angel Garza and Zelina Vega during the summer of 2020, but the company then decided to interrupt the possible love story between her and the Mexican fighter without any explanation.

Charly Caruso had also been around the web for telling her fans that she was single, revealing her favorite take-out dinner. At the moment during Raw Talk we always see R-Truth busy trying to moderate with his comic verve, saving goats and cabbages.

A little bit of what happened in the recent episode where Drew McIntyre indulged in an unexpected swear word, then apologizing for what happened. All that remains is to wait and understand what the future holds for Charly Caruso, who in the meantime has remained silent on social media.

Certainly seeing her leave WWE, a decision made in the past also by her former colleague Renee Young, would be a blow to her fans. Another source stated that Caruso is merely one injury or illness away from being brought back in the fold.

WWE is entering a crucial period, and Caruso could be needed if another announcer is unavailable. The report concluded by stating that the recently-hired Kevin Patrick was a direct replacement for Caruso. Charly Caruso joined WWE in 2016, and she quickly rose to become one of the most popular announcers in the company.

Caruso is currently away from WWE programming, with Kevin Patrick occupying her usual RAW Talk spot in recent weeks. She is also contracted to ESPN, and it would be interesting to see how she goes about managing her immediate future. Caruso is yet to comment on the rumors, and more details on the developing story should be revealed soon. Stay tuned.