Backstage news on Peyton Royce's WWE status

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Backstage news on Peyton Royce's WWE status

For several years the IIconics have worked together to make a name for themselves, and Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have managed to make people discuss and then enter the hearts of many people. They did it with the fans, despite having practically always played the roles of the villains, but they also did it with the many colleagues who met them in the years in which the two fought in WWE and even before when they took their first steps in NXT.

And among them, there is also Corey Graves. The IIconics graduated WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on the magical, unforgettable night of WrestleMania 35, but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. And since the two great friends split, most people thought that whoever was destined for a bright future, and a real explosion in the female single category, was Peyton Royce.

Yet, at least for the moment, it wasn't really like that.

Latest update on Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce has done everything possible to get her own major TV spot and Corey Graves recently spoke about her status on the 'After The Bell' podcast.

The former wrestler, now established SmackDown commentator, has stated bluntly that Peyton is currently in trouble, and has also noted that one of the problems may be that even he is no longer able to define who the current character actually is.

by Peyton Royce. "When the IIconics split, I don't think I'm speaking inappropriately by saying that everyone looked to Peyton as the rising star, even their mothers," Graves said. “Everyone said, okay, Billie is the shoulder.

But analyzing how things have evolved since then on TV shows, Billie took control of the situation and hasn't lost it since. Billie has been to SmackDown pretty much every Friday, she's incredibly funny and makes me laugh.

Billie did what she had to do, right in the field where Peyton got a little lost." Corey Graves, who fought at NXT when the two Australians were also on the roster, does not throw the cross on the young former colleague: "It's not lack of talent, ability and certainly not, lack of passion.

For me, putting myself in the shoes of a fan trying to look at all this with the simple and objective eyes of a fan, I don't know who Peyton Royce is anymore. I know who Billie Kay is, Peyton is a beautiful girl who is good at wrestling, in my opinion.

I don't know, beyond what I have just stated, who he really is." Peyton Royce and WWE would be wise to capitalize on the promo and have her show passion, enthusiasm, and hunger to thrive in the company with more promos such as the one she so effortlessly and emotionally delivered on RAW Talk.

The promos would give Peyton Royce an edge seldom seen on WWE programming and potentially give her career the boost it needs and fans want to see. Royce is a fantastic performer both in and out of the ring, and if she is allowed to convey this new side of her character on RAW, she will be shattering the glass ceiling in no time.