Reason why WWE rejected Justin Bieber

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Reason why WWE rejected Justin Bieber

Throughout the history of WWE, several great stars from the world of cinema and the American television world have taken place in the rings of the Stamford-based company, some to attack a heel of the federation, some to present a curtain with the McMahon-owned federation's wrestlers and some to prepare a match for a few ppv of the company, where he even ended up fighting, such as Stephen Amell, protagonist of the TV series Arrow.

Apparently, in recent years the WWE had even started organizing a match in its rings for the famous singer, Justin Bieber, the undisputed idol of millions of boys and girls around the world, who was to have a match in Summerslam alongside John Cena and the Big Show, with the Stamford-based federation eventually canceling those plans, as reported by Paul Wight himself, to the microphones of his last speech on his friend Chris Jericho's podcast.

As told by the former WWE giant himself, to the Talk Is Jericho microphones, in fact: "Years ago, I worked for one of the Los Angeles editions of Summerslam, I worked closely with a close friend who worked with Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber.

There was supposed to be a match with John Cena, Big Show and Justin Bieber against the Wyatt Family in Summerslam. The deal was real, Bieber was on board, he was excited about it, he really wanted to work with John and me, it was going to be a real, great project.

Eventually one of the people making the decisions said, 'I have no idea how Justin Bieber can affect our audience or how he can relate to them' As if no one knew how many eyes a presence like Justin Bieber's leads to intrigue ?!

I think WWE offered him to promote his album or something, the same thing they did with Scooter Braun. For Scooter Braun it was all about money, for two weeks they pestered him and in the end, his answer was 'listen, it won't happen, I had to give the boy a million dollars to watch a football match.'


Justin Bieber is not the only celebrity who WWE rejected

Apparently, the WWE would have missed a historic opportunity, which could have brought several new fans to follow the product if only Justin Bieber had appeared in the WWE rings, even once, to "fight" against one of the heels.

by McMahon. Like Paul Wight, Chris Jericho spent two decades of his wrestling career in WWE. In response to Wight’s Justin Bieber story, he said Will Ferrell was interested in appearing at WrestleMania several years ago.

The actor wanted to raise money for charity by taking part in a drum-off with his celebrity lookalike, Red H*t Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.