Christian Cage reveals why he was unhappy with WWE

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Christian Cage reveals why he was unhappy with WWE

In the latest AEW Pay Per View, Revolution, there was a sensational and unexpected arrival. Former WWE superstar Christian made his federation debut under Tony Khan and signed a deal with WWE's rival company. A signature that very few expected given his recent appearance at the Royal Rumble but shows that despite his 47 years Christian, now known as Christian Cage, wants to fight again at the highest level.

Many were surprised by the fact that the wrestler did not sign a contract with the WWE, just at the moment when the star of the Rated-R Superstar Edge, a great friend of Christian, shines in the federation based out of Stamford.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, the Canadian wrestler explained what he didn't like about his relationship with WWE.

Christian Cage on his road to getting cleared for in-ring action

Christian had had to leave the WWE rings after a concussion in 2014.

In 2020 he was involved in a match against Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw, part of the storyline of the feud between the Legend Killer and Edge with the two who had challenged each other at Backlash 2020. After a year and after finally the coveted authorization of the doctors Christian managed to get back into the ring but in the end, after a long wait, he decided to come back starting from All Elite Wrestling.

Here are his words: "It didn't suit me at all, the WWE considered me fragile enough to be on the 'Non-contact List', they didn't think I was fit to fight. So I went alone to specialists here in Tampa and it helped me a lot.

These helped me both in nutrition and in my way of training. I had to be in perfect physical condition before saying I was ready to fight, I couldn't ask for a job if I wasn't in condition. So I set up a gym in my garage and started training."

The AEW focuses a lot on Christian Cage and even the wrestler went snout in the last episode of AEW Dynamite against the current AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, taking possession of the belt and making it clear that he wanted to enter the titled area at full capacity.

The word coming out of the WWE Royal Rumble last night is that Christian was secretly cleared to return to the ring a week ago after meeting with WWE's doctors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While Christian was seen backstage yesterday, he kept his return quiet beyond a select few that knew ahead of time but eventually needed to get warmed up before the match.

The response from the WWE Universe and wrestlers across multiple companies showcase the impact Christian has made on the industry over the last two decades.