Reason why Kofi Kingston considered retiring from WWE revealed

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Reason why Kofi Kingston considered retiring from WWE revealed

Kofi Kingston has certainly been one of the company's most beloved superstars in recent years, but at some point in his career, the wrestler decided to quit for good. The former WWE Champion spoke on a recent episode of the H*t 97 podcast and revealed that dissatisfied with the treatment he received from Vince McMahon's company, he considered retiring and quitting wrestling for good.

We mostly talk about his early days when the wrestler was a part of the New Day. Revealing it in the interview was his great friend Big E. Here are his words about it: "Well, Kofi wanted to be a Heel for some time Amma in the end he was a guy everyone saw as Ricky Steamboat.

He has a perennial Babyface face and it's hard to advertise him in any other way, he's a wrestler that the fans will always cheer for. In the end, no one was aware of his discomfort, not even me and I did not understand until he told us that he was thinking of retiring.

He was at a point in his career that he thought he was stuck, he'd had great highs in the past and now he wasn't where he wanted. For him it was not only important to receive the salary, he no longer enjoyed himself and was affected by this."

During the interview, Big E revealed that Kofi believed that WWE had no plans for him and that, shortly thereafter, he would send him to NXT.

Kofi Kingston's run in WWE

Over the last period, Kofi Kingston has worked especially in the New Day where, together with Xavier Woods, he has won the title of Tag Team Champion on several occasions, yet another recognition to his career, a career as a multi-decorated wrestler.

Recently and on the occasions of the Royal Rumble 2021 Kofi Kingston, together with Big E and Xavier Woods, wore attire depicting the face of the wrestler Brodie Lee, known in WWE as Luke Harper, and recently passed away.

Brodie was a great friend of the New Day who wanted to pay homage to him in this beautiful way. Big E said that Kofi Kingston never voiced it and that the former WWE Champion felt that he "didn't need this" Big E said that he thought he would be sent back to NXT or let go by WWE because they didn't have plans for him.

Kingston has won numerous titles in WWE, including the WWE Championship, and is a Grand Slam champion. He and Xavier Woods are the current RAW Tag Team Champions, which they won after defeating Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business.