Andrade Reveals that He Wishes to Quit WWE

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Andrade Reveals that He Wishes to Quit WWE

Andrade is very well known for being the fiance of Charlotte Flair, and he recently revealed that he actually wishes to quit WWE. Andrade is also a talented wrestler and has a very good work ethics. He is engaged to Charlotte Flair who is the daughter of Ric Flair, the legendary professional wrestler.

For a few days, many wrestling news outlets such as Wrestling Inc. reported that Andrade had requested WWE to release him. According to many, it seemed unlikely that Andrade would want to quit WWE, as his wife works at WWE. Moreover, Andrade can spend time with his fiance while they are on the road and it would be almost impossible for him to spend time with his fiance if he moved to another promotion.

Andrade Reveals that he wants to quit WWE

Andrade stated the following on social media. “The rumors are true and I don’t know what the future holds but I want to make my dreams come true. thank you for giving me so much support these last day," he said, then adding in Spanish, "The rumors are true and I don't know what the future has in store for me.

But I want to make my dreams come true. Thanks so much for the support." Andrade has actually removed references to WWE on his social media account, indicating that he is quite serious about leaving the company. It was also reported that Andrade was looking “absolutely miserable” during the March 8 taping of RAW.

We do not know what the WWE will do after all of this. Even though Andrade has requested his release, it seems highly unlikely that WWE will actually allow him to go. Andrade is still listed as a RAW Superstar and is part of the WWE roster.

Andrade was not backstage this week though but that is not unusual. Andrade’s last appearance on RAW took place in October 2020. This was during the WWE Draft. He was taken out by Bray Wyatt and has since then taken a huge time off.

He hasn’t appeared since then on WWE TV. He also had to undergo a small procedure to repair some damage to his body, but he wasn’t officially drafted to either RAW or Smackdown. There is a chance that WWE might put him in NXT or maybe in a storyline with Charlotte Flair.