Paul Heyman says the stars he tried to push in WWE are 'not charity cases'

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Paul Heyman says the stars he tried to push in WWE are 'not charity cases'

Throughout his career, Paul Heyman has played a very important role in uplifting some superstars in WWE. We are all familiar with the work done with Brock Lesnar with the WWE Mad Genius who literally collaborated as a manager to grow The Beast Incarnate and even now in the last year Heyman's figure as a counselor has been determined for the growth of the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

During an interview with the microphones of Esquire Middle East, the adviser of Reigns has dealt with many issues concerning the growth of WWE. Heyman commented on the current business model running at Vince McMahon's company.

Paul Heyman names several other potential challengers for Roman Reigns

Here are the statements from Mad Genius: "WWE is like any other business. It is constantly redefining itself and evaluating its positioning in the market.

There are only great talents and when I decide to make someone grow in the company I don't work for a charity or to give gifts but only men and women of great talent. And I will certainly be able to direct them upwards.

That it is said that a wrestler is favored for any reason and has a fast track, well, these are all hardly credible conjectures. All the wrestlers I follow are extraordinary and will have a huge role in this business."

Throughout his career, Paul Heyman has also launched stars such as Rated-R Superstar Edge and Rey Mysterio in the company. During the last episode of Talking Smack Paul Heyman also talked about the fact that Jimmy Uso feels ready to go back to work on Friday Night Smackdown.

While his brother Jey Uso is currently a Roman Reigns adept, Jimmy, absent from the Ladder Match against John Morrison and Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania 36, ​​may soon return as a consultant and aide to Big E, one of WWE's top talents.

Heyman made it clear that Jimmy Uso's services are available and there won't be just one Uso Family Member at SmackDown shortly. Paul Heyman also rattled off various other names he sees as probable future challengers for Roman Reigns, including Reigns' former foe Brock Lesnar.

"I think there's a lot of big money matchups. For Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar is absolutely positively one of them. But Roman Reigns versus The Rock is also a huge box office. Roman Reigns one more time against John Cena would be huge box office.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre at a WrestleMania would be a huge box office. I can't tell you that next year's WrestleMania shouldn't be Roman Reigns versus Big E or Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns versus Apollo Crews. These are huge superstars stepping into their own the same way Roman Reigns stepped into his own last August."