WWE Network officially moves to Peacock in the US

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WWE Network officially moves to Peacock in the US

Today is WWE Network's launch day on the Peacock streaming service in the United States. It's no longer just a theoretical deal, as you can now actually sign up for Peacock and start streaming WWE Network content instantly.

Certainly very interesting news for the American public, waiting to understand if a similar solution will also be adopted in Italy (where the WWE Network can continue to be accessed in the traditional way, while the weekly shows are part of the package offered by Discovery).

The official WWE announcement includes all the details we already knew. But more information and details on the upcoming schedule were provided by Peacock: "WWE Network debuts on Peacock today. Stream all WWE pay-per-view events, including WrestleMania, and fan favorite WWE shows.

From celebrating "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Week to excitement for WWE FASTLANE 2021, WWE Network debuts on Peacock with tons of new and original programming streaming this week as it moves into its new home."

WWE's contract with Peacock is said to be worth around $1 billion

Thursday 18 March: WWE Network content becomes available on Peacock. Sunday March 21: WWE Fastlane will be available to stream on both Peacock and the WWE Network.

Sunday April 4: WWE Network shuts down for US users, making Peacock the exclusive home for WWE Network content in the US Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April: WrestleMania 37 in the US is streaming exclusively on Peacock. The Wall Street Journal reported that WWE's deal with Peacock will run for five years and is said to be worth around $1 billion.

This is according to a person who is familiar with the details of the contract. The agreement states that WWE will shut down its streaming service, the WWE Network, in the United States and Peacock will license the programming for its own platform.

Additionally, subscribers to WWE Network, which is somewhere around 1.5 million, will be migrated to Peacock. The contract also suggests that WWE will produce one "original" documentary on an annual basis starting in 2022.

The deal is a major move on WWE's part and changes a lot for the company's viewers in the United States. However, it is important to note that the shift will not affect fans who live outside the country. The first visions and series planned this week: March 18: WCW Saturday Night (1993) 10 new classic episodes March 18: This Week in WWE March 18: WWE NXT (17/3/21) March 18th at 3pm (East Coast Time): WWE NXT UK (Live) March 19: WWE The Day Of: Elimination Chamber 2021 March 19: Birth of the Stunner March 19 at 10pm (East Coast Time): 205 Live (Live) March 20: WWE Main Event (March 4, 2021) March 20: wXw We Love Wrestling # 3 March 20: ICW Fight Club 164: "Barred" March 20: EVOLVE 5 March 20: The Best of WWE: Best of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin March 20: Talking Smack March 21: Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions: Randy Orton March 21: Friday Night Smackdown (February 19, 2021) March 21: La Previa March 21 at 4pm: WWE's The Bump (Live) March 21 at 6pm: WWE Fastlane Kickoff (Live) March 21 at 7pm: WWE Fastlane 2021 (Live).