Rob Van Dam explains main reason which could force him to turn down WWE return

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Rob Van Dam explains main reason which could force him to turn down WWE return

Rob Van Dam is a well known and very important character for all wrestling fans. He has been standing still for some time and away from the professional rings, but many are curious if sooner or later there will be a resounding return to the ring.

During the Dropkick podcast, Rob Van Dam talked about his possible return to the ring and explained what he doesn't like about current wrestling. Here are his words: "One thing that is certain is that I could hardly go back to the way I was before.

Right now we have to deal with the pandemic, I expect the shows will have to be anomalous for some time yet, but at the same time, I notice that the world is slowly reopening and we will soon see the shows again. In fact, I should participate in a show on Frontline Pro next April 3rd, in the end, I don't know when I will be back at full capacity but it all depends on the money, in the end, it is money that speaks and chooses everything."

Rob Van Dam on joining AEW

Rob Van Dam is currently away from pro wrestling for quite some time and his last WWE appearance came in a Legends Reunion in 2019. He hasn't worked with companies since last year when he left Impact.

Regarding his passage in AEW or WWE Rob Van Dam said: "I'm not in talks with Chris Jericho or any other AEW person. I only work for money even though some fans are ignorant and don't understand. In the end, it's just a business as fans remember me as a WWE Champion or ECW Champion, now I earn 20 or 30 times more in a match than WWE paid me and so everything else doesn't interest me."

Despite the rumors of the last few weeks, RVD has therefore clearly made it clear that he is not interested in a return to Vince McMahon's company. The former ECW icon explained that he recently had conversations with WWE but clarified that they were not about his return to the ring but about the possibility of making a documentary with WWE and the wrestler accepted.

Earlier this year, Rob Van Dam said he was never in talks with AEW or Chris Jericho, and stated he's "all about the money" "I'm not in talks with Chris Jericho or anyone in AEW. I'm all about the money.

You know, people don't understand. Some fans are ignorant. They don't understand it's a business. Some people think that when I had the WWE belt and the ECW belt, I was in my prime, and they probably think that I wish I was still there. But now I make 20 to 30 times in one match what WWE was paying me in the lowest."