Keith Lee sends a heartfelt message to the WWE Universe

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Keith Lee sends a heartfelt message to the WWE Universe

One of the Monday Night Raw fighters who seem to have vanished into thin air, along with many other WWE talents, is Keith Lee, former NXT all-time champion and North American champion of the McMahon-owned federation's yellow show, missing from the in-ring action.

of the airline's flag show for several weeks now. If initially it was thought that the wrestler had been kept out as a precaution, given that his girlfriend Mia Yim had been hit by the covid, in recent weeks the fans of the mammoth athlete would have started to worry, both for the rumors that they wanted him sick, and an absence that goes on without having any kind of news about him.

A few days ago, there was even a rumor online that spoke of a breathing difficulty, which had led the wrestler to need an oxygen cylinder to breathe, but the news was never confirmed.

When will Keith Lee return to WWE TV?

In the last few hours, good news has arrived for the fans of the massive Raw wrestler, that is that after weeks of silence, the athlete has started talking on social media with his fans, also talking about the difficult situation he is facing at the moment and trying to cheer up the members of the WWE Universe worried about his absence.

On his official Twitter page, Keith Lee reported: "I have listened to many of you. I have seen many messages. One day, I will explain all this to the real people who have been close to me. For now, know that I appreciate your continued support.

AND WHEN I return, I will fill everyone in my LEEGION with love. I miss you guys too. Just know this. "The wrestler who also changed his pseudonym on his account, becoming Impatient Lee, or" impatient Lee", is looking forward to returning to the rings of the Stamford company, although some problems still tie him to the outside his beloved pro-wrestling rings.

It certainly sounds like Keith Lee misses the WWE Universe just as much as they miss him. His disappearance from WWE programming couldn't have come at a worse time than on the road to WrestleMania. Many have speculated that Keith Lee was set to win the United States Championship at Elimination Chamber against Riddle and Bobby Lashley.

Unfortunately, we'll probably never know. If Keith Lee isn't back on TV with RAW this Monday, it will probably be too late to fit him into any plans for WrestleMania in April. Hopefully, when Lee makes his eventual return to WWE, he will see a renewed push toward the top of the card.

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