Former Women's Champion seemingly interested in joining The Hurt Business

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Former Women's Champion seemingly interested in joining The Hurt Business

Since its arrival on Raw, The Hurt Business has played an increasingly dominant role. The Stable is now in command of Monday Night Raw with MVP having a very important management role and above all with Bobby Lashley who after 17 years has finally fulfilled his dream of becoming WWE Champion.

Among the fans of the WWE Universe has been clamoring to include a female member within the Stable and for this reason, several names have been suggested. WWE wrestler Naomi recently hinted that she wants to join the Hurt Business.

The Hurt Business is currently running roughshod on WWE RAW

Through his social profiles, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley reposted a message from MVP in which the following phrase was used: "The real strength lies in how many people you can make a positive impact" Many fans liked the post and even the wrestler, recently arrived on Raw, Naomi, commented positively on this message.

This has not gone unnoticed by the WWE Universe pushing for this possibility with Naomi willingly joining the Stable of the red show. Since his arrival at The Hurt Business Bobby Lashley has undergone a real rebirth and also for this reason now the Stable enjoys an excellent reputation.

On the other hand, the WWE Champion recently released the following statements to the microphones of Complex: "We want dominance and a great legacy. This is what we want. Another thing we talked about, I don't know if we will get there, but let's think about the possibility of including a woman in the group.

We have thought about it a lot and we have also studied some names, if this person wanted to join our journey, I think we would all agree to make him one of us. I can't say anything yet, but I can assure you that there is something at stake there.

So we will try to go in this direction." The Hurt Business has been doing pretty well on RAW. Alexander and Benjamin defeated The New Day at WWE TLC 2020 to win the red brand's Tag Team titles. They lost the belts to The New Day on the March 15, 2021, edition of WWE RAW.

Bobby Lashley has enjoyed a career resurgence ever since becoming a part of the faction. With MVP by his side, The All Mighty has climbed up the ladder and grabbed the brass ring to become WWE Champion. The WWE Universe has wanted a female member to be added to The Hurt Business and Naomi is someone who fits the bill. What are your thoughts on the idea of Naomi joining The Hurt Business? Sound off in the comments!