Drew McIntyre comments on representation within WWE

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Drew McIntyre comments on representation within WWE

Every now and then, the same question is fed to the most important WWE employees, which is, "What is your personal WWE Mount Rushmore?", Which the most well-known wrestlers from time to time answer with more than fired names.

In recent months and years, several of the most famous wrestlers of the Stamford company have in fact answered this question, such as the legendary The Undertaker, the former Univeral Champion Seth Rollins, or the former WWE Champion AJ Styles, with the athletes above who have named characters of the caliber of Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Andrè The Giant, The Undertaker himself, Ric Flair and many others, as main faces of the McMahon federation and of the wrestling world in general, as those who have contributed most of all to make WWF/E and the pro-wrestling discipline great.

Even the former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was obviously asked this question, with the Scotsman who did not surprise everyone by making strange names, but going "on the safe side" and therefore naming real sacred monsters of the discipline, which many see among the best ever, both among WWE Universe fans and professionals.

To the microphones of Peacock TV, the new portal that will broadcast the WWE Network in the United States from now on, or the only site where you can see the PPVs of the McMahon-owned company, Drew McIntyre in fact answered the question.

Drew McIntyre is set to face Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania

He said: "Flair, Taker, Cena, Austin, Michaels, Hunter. There are still some people missing, but it seems to me that too many have already been said. I don't know...

I would tell you that I am a stranger, that I am not from here, I do not know how many presidents there are on Mount Rushmore and I would mention at least 10" With a hilarious joke, Drew McIntyre tried to bypass the question of his interlocutor without doing anyone a wrong, since naming only four athletes would be a little unfair to the other great and illustrious colleagues, who have spent entire careers to make great WWE and the pro-wrestling world in general, many times sacrificing even their health or their families.

After being blindsided by Bobby Lashley at Elimination Chamber, Drew McIntyre will have the opportunity to exact revenge on The All Mighty at WrestleMania 37. Current WWE Champion Lashley cost former champion McIntyre his title at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, when he left the Scot beaten and broken in the ring.

This allowed The Miz to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and claim the title for himself. However, Lashley would defeat The Miz soon after, winning his first world title in WWE.