Details on Andrade's trademarked new ring-name

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Details on Andrade's trademarked new ring-name

In recent weeks and especially in the last few days, there has been a lot of talk online about Andrade's situation in WWE, with the talent now said to be on crossroads, "in or out", with Vince McMahon. The former NXT Champion and US Champion of Monday Night Raw has in fact entered a very difficult situation for a wrestler of his caliber, that is to be confined to the backstage of the company, without any plan having been deepened or studied for him in the recent weeks, with Charlotte Flair's boyfriend who has been missing from the federation rings since last year.

In the first months of 2021, apparently, the WWE creative team would not have been able to find any idea for the use of the boy and the stalemate would have led Andrade himself to ask to be released, to return to fight in that independent market that had made him famous even before his arrival in WWE.

Will Andrade pair up with Thea Trinidad after leaving WWE?

In his last speech to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer has in fact pulled out an old video of Andrade, posted on Instagram last year, where the athlete talked about his past in the world of wrestling and his father, with the wrestler who also showed several photos with a mask.

Apparently, Andrade would have bought the rights to the name of "La Sombra" to be used in the United States and according to Meltzer the idea of ​​the wrestler is said to be to return to using the previous stage name to that of Andrade, once released from the company of the McMahons.

In fact, to the Observer's microphones, Meltzer told: "He bought the rights to the name La Sombra for the United States and it seems that his goal is to use that name. He couldn't work without a mask in CMLL, since he lost the mask before he came to WWE, just because of his arrival in WWE.

But Rey Mysterio lost his mask and kept fighting for years without a mask and when he went to WWE he put his mask back on and it was one of the best things for his career, so it could work for Andrade too." If Andrade is granted his release by WWE, with his former manager Zelina Vega aka Thea Trinidad also released, there is a strong chance that the two might pair up.

Dave Meltzer stated that Andrade will likely have to wait until his contract expires before he is able to leave the company. Andrade has a lot of potential and going back to his roots will help him establish himself once he is finished with his WWE contract.