Former WWE star Brodus Clay returning to the ring

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Former WWE star Brodus Clay returning to the ring

One of the characters that you can hardly forget about the Stamford company's past is the so-called WWE Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay, a mammoth athlete who fought and danced in the Stamford-based federation rings for a few years before being released in 2014.

During his fairly long stint in the McMahon rings, Brodus Clay played the role of several characters, with the most famous one that seems to be that of Funkasaurus, a rather embarrassing dancer who entered the rings accompanied by the so-called Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi, two dancers who accompanied all the entries of the massive wrestler, also in the main roster of the company and not only at NXT and in a short time also from Hornswoggle.

After a short stint with them, in the end Brodus Clay was also launched in single, with a success that never arrived, neither among the ranks of the faces nor among those of the heel, so he was eventually fired from the WWE in 2014.

Brodus Clay is now known as Tyrus

After walking the Impact Wrestling rings from 2014 to 2018, Brodus Clay took a long break from the world of wrestling, also thanks to the global pandemic that broke out in 2020 in the last year, which blocked several projects for many people in the USA, just like in the rest of the world.

However, the massive wrestler has now decided to return to fighting in the American pro-wrestling rings, taking part in the NWA event, Back for the Attack, where he will go to challenge one of the two federation duo champions, Kratos.

Brodus Clay, who now calls himself Tyrus, for obvious reasons of rights held by WWE, will thus face his first great match since 2018, against one of the most difficult opponents of the American federation, with the opposing fighter who holds the couple titles together to other ex WWE Aaron Stevens, better known as Damien Sandow in the McMahon rings.

It was recently reported by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live that Naomi is due to take on Bayley in a title match at ‘Mania, which suggests that a possible reunion could be on the cards with Brodus Clay and Cameron.

Naomi debuted on WWE’s main roster alongside Cameron as one-half of The Funkadactyls – dancers who accompanied Clay to the ring – on an episode of RAW in January 2012. They later joined forces with Tensai, as well as Clay, before the group separated in late 2013.