Mickie James calls out double standard held for age of superstars

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Mickie James calls out double standard held for age of superstars

There is a lot of talk about part-timers, legends in the ring and wrestlers of an age no longer very green at the center of wrestling storylines (both in WWE and in AEW). And if on the one hand, the "old fighters" are going through a wave of perhaps unprecedented criticism in this precise historical phase, in the meantime one of the best possible defenses to the category arrives.

Especially since it is an exponent of the WWE women's division: Mickie James. And we know how much women, on a social level, have to deal with hateful judgments about their appearance, the way they dress and makeup, and even their age.

On the other hand, the reigning WWE champion (Bobby Lashley) is 44 years old. And someone ten years older (Goldberg) was the first challenger for that belt at the Royal Rumble. Speaking of the Rumble, however, the one who won it and will fight for the title of Universal Champion at WrestleMania 37? He is 47 years old.

Mickie James, on the other hand, is 41 years old. Although he is under contract with WWE, she is currently not assigned to either the Raw or SmackDown roster. Mickie's last television appearance was on Raw "Legends Night," accompanied by rumors that her company considers her to be retired.

She later attended the Royal Rumble, but she hasn't been called into question since. The last big storyline involving Mickie James, however, was already focused on her age no longer as a girl. But the same historical rival of Trish Stratus replied on Twitter with words perfect for the circumstance, which we report.

Mickie James is a true veteran inside the world of professional wrestling

Responding to Taya Valkyrie (who wondered why age is considered something negative), Mickie James replied: "I agree 1000%. But in this industry, once we reach 35, the feeling is that if you are a woman you should start thinking about retirement and retirement.

Even if you are just continuing your journey. At 40, retire. Even though men are champions even in their fifties and glorified for it. Sad but true": I agree 1000%. But in this industry once you hit 35 it's perceived you should start wrapping it up and retire as a woman.

Even though you're just hitting your stride. At 40 “retire already” Even though the men are champs well into there 50s and glorified for it. Sad but true https://t.co/WLLfVIsLfI Then, in a second tweet, the relaunch.

"With age comes strength and wisdom that you cannot teach. I feel more powerful and sensual than ever. Yet it is only so because this is the story we have agreed to let us tell. We have accepted this mentality and the damn time has come.

time to change it. Times have changed. And so have we!" And for our part, we can not help but say: good Mickie James, we are with you!