Rhea Ripley is coming to WWE Raw next week

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Rhea Ripley is coming to WWE Raw next week

Rhea Ripley will be on Raw. A novelty up to a point, given that WWE has been letting us know for weeks. The real big news, however, is represented by the fact that the Australian will be present at the red show as early as next Monday.

An authentic twist, which the same company confirmed in the hours preceding Fastlane and during the episode of SmackDown before the PPV, and then confirmed it via social media. But what's behind it? This is her brutality and she has a new home on Monday Night Raw.

In the past few weeks, the WWE Universe and Raw's women's division have been warned, but this Monday "The Nightmare" Rhea Ripley will finally arrive on Raw. Ripley will look to immediately warn the red brand?", are the few jokes with which the company accompanied the announcement on its official website.

But it is clear that there is much more behind it.

What can we expect from Rhea Ripley on Monday Night RAW?

Rhea Ripley's first, all-important glimpse of the main roster (a full-blown NXT women's division for years now) came last year when her feud with Charlotte Flair felt more like a taste of promotion for Rhea than a step.

back for a Charlotte returned to the yellow and black rings after five years. The two had their climax at WrestleMania, where to the surprise of many it was the Queen who prevailed. But now the landscape may be different. The idea of ​​several insiders was that Rhea Ripley could debut on Raw just to continue the conversation with Charlotte Flair, but the position of the latter in the WWE schemes is currently to be defined.

After the confirmation of her partner Andrade of a substantial departure from the WWE, she too was even ousted from the WrestleMania poster, with many doubts therefore about her position in the hierarchy of the company. At the same time, Raw needs female fighters of weight, and in America, there are many who think that a Rhea already on Raw can be used precisely to present a quick and important feud that launches it in time for WrestleMania.

At the same time, 'Ringside News' raises another interesting perspective: that the Aussie could even put herself in charge of a faction. On March 11, in fact, WWE filed a newly registered trademark: "Subculture"

And according to the popular overseas site, none other than Rhea Ripley may be hiding behind it. There are plenty of feuds that Ripley can engage in on the red brand. The former NXT Women's Champion could look to rekindle her rivalry with Charlotte Flair or Shayna Baszler.

WWE could add Ripley immediately into the RAW Women's Championship picture and could have her challenge Asuka at WrestleMania 37. At the moment, the chances of this one look bleak as reports suggest that Charlotte could be the one facing Asuka at the Show Of Shows.