Is T-BAR hinting at the end of Retribution?

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Is T-BAR hinting at the end of Retribution?

One of the stable that was most successful at the dawn of its birth, now several months ago in the WWE rings, was the Retribution, a team born almost by chance, from an idea of the WWE to spice up the weekly episodes. of the main roster shows, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

Initially, in fact, the RETRIBUTION team attacked both WWE rosters indiscriminately, setting fire to the programs that the Stamford federation aired on Monday evening and Friday evening until the storyline of the chaos stable did not end.

has "calmed down", settling permanently in the Raw ring. In recent weeks, however, it would seem that in the "chaos team", there would be some friction between the team leader, Mustafa Ali and the rest of the RETRIBUTION members, with different angles and segments that led fans to think of a split in the near future.

RETRIBUTION member T-BAR has made some interesting changes to his official Twitter handle ahead of Sunday's WWE Fastlane 2021 event.

WWE has been teasing a RETRIBUTION implosion for a while now

Like a bolt from the blue, in the last few hours, it would seem that the member of the Raw team, as well as former NXT Superstar by the name of Dominik Dijakovic, who now performs in the rings of Monday Night Raw as T-Bar, has canceled all kinds of reference or connection that can associate it with the Retribution.

If until a few hours ago T-Bar "followed" all the official accounts of his teammates. at the moment all the followers would have disappeared, with the athlete who would have also changed his pseudonym, from T-Bar to "Don't Blink" It is not known at the moment why T-Bar has so upset his personal account, but it is very likely that the storyline that sees Mustafa Ali obsessing his followers after each defeat of the Retribution has something to do with this upheaval.

Here are some screenshots of how the "new" freed T-Bar account looks, which may be in a few minutes could change again, showing even stranger and more disparate characteristics. WWE has been teasing a RETRIBUTION implosion for a while now.

The unruly stable accidentally cost Mustafa Ali the United States Championship match during the latest edition of WWE RAW. Ali was already unhappy with RETRIBUTION's performances on WWE RAW lately. But he was furious beyond belief when RETRIBUTION cost him the U.S.

title on the red brand. Ali will get another shot at the U.S. title at Sunday's WWE Fastlane event, where he'll face Riddle again. T-BAR's sudden Twitter handle change has led to major speculation among WWE fans that something big is about to happen on Sunday.

It seems likely that RETRIBUTION could turn on Mustafa Ali at Fastlane. Fans must have noticed that RETRIBUTION members haven't been thrilled with Mustafa's leadership as of late.