Paul Heyman: 'Roman Reigns needs a new opponent at WrestleMania'

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Paul Heyman: 'Roman Reigns needs a new opponent at WrestleMania'

Since returning to WWE last SummerSlam Pay per View (in 2020) Roman Reigns has had a dominant role on the Friday Night Smackdown roster and in general throughout WWE. The company's Tribal Chief has annihilated anyone who has stood in his path and there is much anticipation for his match at Fastlane.

In a few hours, the WWE Universal Champion will challenge Daniel Bryan for the title in a match that intrigues and intrigues all fans. While the title match between Edge and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37 has already been announced, there is curiosity about how WWE will handle the situation, a situation that sees the outcome of the match foregone, perhaps too much for this Pay Per View.

During the WWE Network of Talking Smack, WWE's Mad Genius and Roman Reigns advisor Paul Heyman gave interesting advice on what might happen tomorrow night.

Roman Reigns’ final appearance before WWE Fastlane 2021

Speaking with Kayla Braxton, Paul Heyman made the following statements: "Tomorrow night Daniel Bryan will receive a real flogging in the ring, he will be annihilated so much that Edge 'will do it under' and will not want to go into the ring of WrestleMania 37 against Roman Reigns anymore.

Edge will think 'Oh, my God. What the hell am I getting into? I can't get in the ring with that man 'When we talk about Roman Reigns we are talking about a really aggressive and wild wrestler. I think Roman Reigns is too violent a wrestler to step into the ring and I really don't know who has the guts to challenge him.

After tomorrow night we will need a new opponent for Wrestlemania 37 because Roman will not only defeat the Yes Man in Fastlane, but will destroy two opponents. I'm really telling you who Roman Reigns is." During the show, Paul Heyman had an almost shocked attitude, but obviously it's only part of the storyline that sees the Tribal Chief dominating all the other opponents on the main roster.

The last episode of WWE SmackDown before WWE Fastlane saw Edge defeat Roman Reigns’ cousin, Jey Uso, in the main event. The victory means Edge will serve as special enforcer for Reigns’ match against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane.

Following Edge’s victory, the Universal Champion speared his possible WrestleMania 37 opponent in the middle of the ring. Daniel Bryan, who commentated on the main event, tried to confront Reigns after the match. However, after being blindsided by Jey Uso, the WrestleMania 30 main-eventer joined Edge in receiving a post-match spear from Reigns.