Becky Lynch barely remembers her iconic WWE moment

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Becky Lynch barely remembers her iconic WWE moment

One of the most important and memorable moments that have happened in the weekly WWE shows in recent years, is certainly the Smackdown attack that took place in an episode of Monday Night Raw, where the team led by Becky Lynch went to attack the show's female roster.

red, in an episode of November 2018, in view of Survivor Series. On that occasion, the "legend" of The Man was born. With a broken nose and a face covered in blood, after receiving a fortuitous blow from her colleague Nia Jax, Becky Lynch ended the episode of Monday Night Raw with a mocking smile in the audience, with WWE cameras ending the company's flag show on her.

Thanks to that unfortunate angle, which at the same time as Becky's luck, the character of The Man was born, which the Irishman has still sewn on despite the fact that more than two years have now passed.

Both Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch went on to headline WrestleMania

Fans of Becky Lynch, absent last year for her first pregnancy, from which little Roux was born, did not know, however, that the athlete, of that huge segment of Monday Night Raw three years ago, does not remember practically almost anything, having received a really strong blow to the face, which also caused a slight concussion.

To reveal this shocking curiosity was Becky's colleague, Daniel Bryan, who said to Sports Illustrated: "It's really interesting, I was talking to Becky Lynch once, about this. She had an amazing moment where she was framed with her face covered in blood, with her in the audience and this was the magical moment that created Becky, but she barely remembers it because she was hit in the face.

It's one of those things you see on Youtube and it's beautiful, but then you can't reconnect it with your memories. "Apparently, after the violent punch delivered by Nia Jax, Becky Lynch would have lost part of the memory of that moment, in a situation similar to that of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30, where after a fortuitous blow arrived at the hands of Brock Lesnar, the Deadman's mind became completely clouded, leaving a real black hole in the memories of that match for the athlete.

Daniel Bryan eventually managed to score a WWE World Heavyweight Title opportunity at WrestleMania XXX. He made history by defeating three members of Evolution on the same night to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Bryan defeated Triple H in the opening match of the night to earn an opportunity at the top title in the main event. The final match of the night saw Bryan defeating Batista and Randy Orton to win the big one.