Batista's WWE Hall of Fame induction page removed

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Batista's WWE Hall of Fame induction page removed

In recent days it seems that the WWE IT team is quite careless, with some glaring errors that would have left some doubts in the minds of fans who follow the Stamford-based company and that not a word of what comes out of the screens and pages social media of the McMahon-owned company.

The last mistake that has sparked the hilarity but also the curiosity of the WWE Universe in the last few hours, was the inclusion of Daniel Bryan in the section of the Hall of Fame of the company, for the class of 2021, in what appears to be a all effects a mistake and not a gigantic spoiler.

For some time, in fact, the official WWE site reported the "journey of Daniel Bryan" in the section dedicated to the next introduced McMahon's Ark of Glory, with fans who for several minutes were incredulous about what to think.

If Daniel Bryan's introduction would seem to have been just an oversight by the WWE IT team, Batista's should have been official for some time now, with The Animal being scheduled to be introduced into the HOF last year, but the cancellation of the ceremony close to Wrestlemania has in fact postponed the plans for its introduction, like that of the colleagues of the NWO, the Bella Twins and all the others, by a full year.

The WWE in the last few weeks has in fact decided to merge the class of introductions of 2020 Hall of Fame to that of 2021, making a unique ceremony that will air on April 6, or the Tuesday of Wrestlemania Week, but apparently yet another problem would have WWE site blocked.

The 2020 WWE Hall of Fame lineup without Batista

During the past few hours, in fact, the presentation video of Batista's introduction would have disappeared from the site, in a case similar to that of Bryan, which would seem to be only a gross error of the WWE cybernaut team, even if more than a few doubt would have been raised by the sites of the sector.

At the moment Batista remains among the names that the WWE should include in its Ark of Glory, but some important sites are already beginning to raise doubts regarding a non-appearance of him. According to what was reported in the last few hours by the Ringside News site, it seems that Batista can actually skip the ceremony for unspecified personal problems and therefore the WWE may already have taken action, deleting his article from the web.

The reason for the removal of Batista's induction page has still not been revealed, but we should receive an official update soon. As things stand, it looks like WWE will organize this year's joint Hall of Fame ceremony without Batista.