Paul Heyman jokingly takes shot at Eric Bischoff

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Paul Heyman jokingly takes shot at Eric Bischoff

Paul Heyman was not the host of the March 20 edition of Talking Smack, but he still attended as Kayla Braxton's guest of honor. The first topic he broached was this week's news about Eric Bischoff, who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame over the weekend of WrestleMania 37.

News that Heyman commented in his own way. Heyman and Bischoff are both synonymous with the wrestling boom of the 90s. As bosses of ECW and WCW respectively, they have competed to sign the best talent and may even have had moles in each other's locker rooms.

They've also brought their rivalry into WWE TV shows as authority figures (kayfabe!) Over the years, and were even hired together for backstage leadership roles in 2019 (Heyman's run as Raw Executive Director lasted longer than Bischoff's SmackDown, but neither lasted a year).

With all these preambles, what could Heyman have to say about a Bischoff Hall of Famer in WWE? His words, initially, were sincere and kind: "This is a long overdue and deserved honor. It is more than deserved, indeed.

The criterion for being in the WWE Hall of Fame is the impact on the industry and it would be very difficult. for anyone to argue that Eric Bischoff hasn't made a more significant impact on this industry than almost anyone else in his history.

I respect WWE for having the intelligence to understand how well Eric Bischoff fits into the Hall of Fame. I deeply congratulate my old rival, Eric Bischoff, on his entry into the WWE Hall of Fame class 2021 " And so far so good.

"I would like to add, however..."

Paul Heyman on Eric Bischoff's induction

Ah, there is the "but" Did the Mastermind of Extreme have used it as an opportunity to get some revenge against his rival, perhaps to mock his entrepreneurial skills? And maybe make sure to increase the image of him in order to enter the club of Vince McMahon in turn? No, not really.

And this is what he had to say, "So... if you look back at history - and I don't often do it - you will realize that the 1990s in this industry were ruled by Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman and Vincent Kennedy McMahon. And only one of us is still relevant enough to be on television every week.

On the top. In the WrestleMania main event, with the biggest star in the industry, the champion. Roman Reigns." That's why many think good old Paul IS the best. And, just as certainly, another must-see candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame. As he has shown, if needed, again.