Kalisto on not getting booked on WWE for 161 days

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Kalisto on not getting booked on WWE for 161 days

In the last period, WWE has had to face a very difficult situation, facing a global pandemic that has brought several international markets to their knees, including that of pro-wrestling. Fortunately, the greatness of the WWE meant that the backlash was not too serious, but several athletes and insiders have still suffered the after-effects of this situation, such as all those who were released during 2020, including athletes, road agent, office clerks and company arbitrators.

Many other wrestlers, however, despite being still under contract with the company, would still find no place in the weekly WWE shows, with several athletes of the caliber of Andrade, Murphy or Bo Dallas, who in fact seem to have disappeared from the scene for no reason.

Kalisto remembers the day he was drafted to SmackDown. He’s been counting the days since that happened, and he’s not happy about the results. All of these wrestlers were stopped by the Stamford federation mainly due to a lack of ideas towards them, with the long-term plans of the WWE Superstars being decided at the creative team table, in agreement with the federation chairman, Vince McMahon.

Kalisto remembers the day he was drafted to SmackDown

Among all, one of those who continues to appear sporadically on Smackdown's TV screens is Kalisto, who hasn't fought for a very long time and who in fact wanted to share a video on his Twitter account, in which he made an analysis of the past period of inactivity and saying: "Main show.

The land of opportunities. Smackdown. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for letting me sit at your table. I am grateful beyond everything. But unfortunately, there is only one room for one person at the table. I'm sorry guys. Lucha House Party.

I mean, don't get me wrong. Lince Dorado, he, is the king of extreme Lucha. Great Metalik? Much respected in Mexico and the king of the ropes. But guys, you lack ... patience. You still have to learn. You have to learn how to survive like I did.

You have to swim with sharks like I did. You still have to learn. Do you believe it when I tell you it's 161 days? 161 days since I was drafted at Smackdown. I know what you guys are thinking. Do you think this is disrespectful to me? Could it be a relegation for me? Do you think that I go home and cry because I have not been booked? No.

Every single day, every hour, minute, second ... I use them as fuel for my fire. And that fire builds and continues to burn for that match and for that motivation that keeps me going hunting and that will do it forever. You guys know what I'm talking about.

I mean, we all want the same thing. So you just have to... wait."