Update on WWE's future after Vince McMahon steps down

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Update on WWE's future after Vince McMahon steps down

In recent years, we have begun to think almost incessantly about how the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling, the WWE, will be managed after the departure of its Chairman, Vince McMahon. The WWE patron, who has now passed the age of 70 by now, will not be able to fill all the roles he covers every day forever, with his exit from the scene, both because of a hypothetical retirement, and for what everyone thinks it will be his last day of work, which is the one that coincides with his death, which will therefore put an end to his career.

According to all the insiders, in fact, Vince McMahon will continue to work with the WWE as long as he will have breath in his body, with the main creation of him, which will in fact remain the Chairman's increasingly important project.

Stephanie McMahon talks about Vince McMahon's achievements in wrestling

In her latest interview on Bloomberg Business of Sports, WWE Chairman Stephanie McMahon's daughter stunned everyone by talking about what will happen in WWE once Vince McMahon leaves the scene, with the Executive Vice President of the Stamford-based company, who, in fact, revealed: "I think a lot of the institutional knowledge is important, particularly with regards to core content.

But it is also true that everything that surrounds our business is important and needs smart and strong executives. And that's exactly what we have. So I think the marriage of this institutional knowledge, the incredible production value, talent creation and storylines, with really strong executives, will help us expand.

I think it's a combination of all of these things. I don't think there will ever be a single person to replace Vince McMahon. He really does too many things. The overview will be different, whatever we change. But it will still be a marriage of all these things."

To replace a mind like that of the WWE Chairman, therefore, it will take several, according to what is the thought of his daughter and probably also that of many insiders, who know how ubiquitous Vince is in all the projects and processes that WWE puts in place every day.

A handful of people have been tipped to replace Vince McMahon with Triple H and Shane McMahon's names ranking high on the list. However, Stephanie McMahon's statements clearly convey the idea that Vince McMahon is irreplaceable. What do you think? How do you see a Vince McMahon-less WWE faring in the future?