Lana On Going Through a Number of Character Changes

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Lana On Going Through a Number of Character Changes

Lana is a WWE Superstar and she recently spoke about going through a number of character changes with Digital Spy. Lana’s character has changed a number of times over the years. Lana spent a long time in the WWE as Rusev’s (Now Miro) manager.

She made her first appearance back in 2013. Her debut was at NXT. She was with her then-future husband Rusev even at that time. The couple was eventually called on to the main roster after spending some time at NXT. Lana was with Rusev during his career’s most noteworthy feuds, including his big feud with John Cena that revolved around the United States Title.

Lana Talks About Her Career that Went Through a Lot Of Changes

According to her, her character is for the most part the same even though it has gone through a lot of changes. “Over the years I’ve been able to play all these different things,” Lana began.

“Yes it’s the same character Lana, but different chapters of her life. From being an ice-cold Russian to right now, a good guy who is being bullied and overcoming her enemies. “I like to look at my career in WWE as chapters, different chapters of Lana’s life.

I feel like this chapter of Lana is a lot closer to C.J. in the sense of the way we’re even packaging her versus when I first came on the scene with Rusev and I talked with a very thick accent. “Yes, that was an extension of myself, I grew up in Russia, I grew up with a lot of features that I drew my inspiration from and I coated it with a Russian accent.

So the packaging was a little bit further [from C.J.] but there’s a lot of elements of myself that I could identify with. Then when I was doing the Bobby Lashley and Rusev story, that’s further. That’s was an adulterous chapter in Lana’s life, so that is very different to who I am, but it was exciting to play”.

Although she spent most of her career managing a heel, she is currently working as a babyface. She has formed a team with Naomi. According to her, her current character is the closest to her real-life self. “This [Lana] is much closer to me.

But sometimes it’s a lot more challenging mentally because the line is a little bit more blurred, but I love it,” Lana said. “What I really enjoy is — basically for six years I was a villain — there were little pockets here and there when I was a good guy, but really diving into this chapter where I need to be more vulnerable and need to get people to root for me is different.

It’s definitely a lot more challenging as an actor because I think I just felt so comfortable in that villainous role, but I love challenges and it’s really exciting”.