Jim Ross Talks About Backstage Reaction on Chris Benoit Winning Title

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Jim Ross Talks About Backstage Reaction on Chris Benoit Winning Title
Jim Ross Talks About Backstage Reaction on Chris Benoit Winning Title (Provided by Wrestling World)

Chris Benoit is one of the most well-known WWE wrestlers of all time, and Jim Ross recently spoke about Chris Benoit’s World Heavyweight Title Win, and the reaction backstage that followed it. Chris Benoit worked as a babyface for most of his career, but only a small portion of his career saw him wrestle WWE’s best wrestlers.

For the most part, Beniot was just used as a mid-card wrestler. However, many people believed that Chris Beniot was a very talented wrestler and he should have got much more in WWE than he actually got in the end.

Jim Ross on The Backstage Reaction to Chris Benoit Winning World Heavyweight Title

Benoit won the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania XX.

After he won the title, Beniot and the legendary Eddie Guerrero had a moment in the ring. It was very important for him to win the title as he and Eddie became top guys in WWE. “I know it was celebratory as hell when [Jerry] Lawler and I finally got to the back,” Ross said.

“A lot of tears. Not just from Eddie and Chris, a lot of tears from other guys. They were legitimately emotional and were so thankful that they saw two of their peers have career nights in the world’s most famous arena at the world’s most famous wrestling event and they were just glad they were there to witness it.

“That’s the brotherhood that’s sometimes overlooked in this business and it shouldn’t be. Everybody was happy, I can recall that the post-WrestleMania party was very festive, everybody was happy. I’m privileged to be a part of that day.

It really means something to me to this very day all these years later”. Jim Ross stated that Vince McMahon has a clear vision of who he would like to be the top guy in WWE at that time. That is why he never considered Eddie and Benoit to hold the best titles for a long time.

He stated that Vince made Eddie and Beniot his top guys only because he trusted them and they had shown that they were quite dedicated. “The guys on the roster and a lot of us that were close to Vince kept encouraging him that were traveling in the right direction,” Jim Ross said.

“These two guys would be great representatives and would ensure every time they’re in the ring they’re going to put on the best match or solid at worst. I just think it took a little bit of gentle persuasion. It took him a little bit of time, breaking old habits, breaking the mold”.

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