John Cena Sr. on whether AEW or WWE has booked Chris Jericho better

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John Cena Sr. on whether AEW or WWE has booked Chris Jericho better
John Cena Sr. on whether AEW or WWE has booked Chris Jericho better (Provided by Wrestling World)

Chris Jericho can undoubtedly be counted among the most decorated superstars of any era, having collected as many as 35 titles across WWE, WCW, ECW, NJPW and CMLL. The Canadian phenomenon is also one of four wrestlers to have completed the WWE 'Grand Slam' in both the old and the new format.

After leaving the federation of Vince McMahon, with some controversy attached, the seven-time world champion has become one of the leading faces of the newborn All Elite Wrestling. In addition to being the first AEW champion thanks to his victory over Hangman Page at 'All Out' in 2019, Y2J has become the protagonist of numerous electrifying feuds, despite having lost his belt at 'AEW Revolution' 2020 against Jon Moxley (another great ex WWE).

In the latest episode of 'Wrestling Insiders' which aired on YouTube, John Cena Sr. was asked whether Jericho has received better treatment from WWE or AEW.

Chris Jericho is set to feud with MJF and The Pinnacle In AEW

John Cena Sr.

was a guest on this week's episode of Wrestling Insiders on Boston Wrestling MWF's YouTube channel. Cena Sr. was asked who he felt had booked Chris Jericho better. Here's what he had to say: “I think Chris Jericho has had the same kind of impact in both federations.

I really believe it. He has generated tremendous success in WWF, WWE and finally AEW. He has nothing more to prove in this business. It is not important where Chris goes, he will always be very successful," replied the father of 16 times world champion John Cena.

Recently, Jericho himself had drawn a parallel between the WWE vision of wrestling and that of AEW. “They are two completely different worlds. Our goal is not to fill in the gaps that fans encounter on WWE shows. We analyze each talent on an individual basis, there are some WWE guys we would like to have with us and others we probably wouldn't accept.

Our roster is already very deep, although we would like to avoid having the same problem as WWE. If you have 60-70 guys, here you end up finding yourself in their identical situation," he explained clearly to Sportskeeda microphones.

MJF was kicked out of The Inner Circle a couple of weeks ago on AEW Dynamite. It looked like MJF was about to get on the wrong end of a beatdown at the hands of his former stablemates. But he ended up turning the tables, introducing his new faction, who jumped the members of The Inner Circle and left them laying.

MJF's new faction consists of Wardlow, Shawn Spears, Dax Harwood, and Cash Wheeler, as well as pro wrestling legend Tully Blanchard.

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