Backstage details on Charly Caruso possibly being fired by WWE

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Backstage details on Charly Caruso possibly being fired by WWE

Paul Heyman is certainly not afraid to raise a real fuss when he picks up a microphone, and he proved it once again during the last episode of Talking Smack when he decided to make (although not expressly) refer to something that WWE doesn't really want me to say.

It happened again this week when Heyman basically talked about the case involving Charly Caruso. WWE removed Charly Caruso from television due to some problems the interviewer encountered backstage. Delaying them would have been some of the interviews she was supposed to conduct, and at the moment it is not expected to be repeated on WWE shows.

A move that, however, Paul Heyman seems to dislike the fact. But let's explain everything calmly.

What could be next for Charly Caruso?

Apollo Crews was a guest on Talking Smack this week. Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman were in their roles as show hosts, and Heyman couldn't help but point out his displeasure about Charly Caruso's possible firing.

After Apollo Crews requested a "proper introduction", in fact, Kayla Braxton had some trouble announcing him as the next WWE Intercontinental Champion. She has indeed stated "potentially the next champion" or "in her hopes of him the next champion"

And then Paul Heyman stepped in with a straight leg and said, "Ladies and gentlemen... We got rid of the wrong reporter around here." That comment prompted Kayla Braxton to simply respond with "Oh," so her host immediately covered her face with her hand.

It was a rather embarrassing claim, which Heyman threw without warning to the fans. And Kayla Braxton alone found herself having to deal with a problem that may not have ended here. As per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the rumors concerning her not being used on TV anymore may not be the full story.

There is also a chance she might have already been fired by WWE. He stated that there have been conflicting reports in regards to why Caruso has exited the company. “I heard she was fired and then other people reported that she’s just not gonna be used and they are gonna wait for her contract to be out.

I don’t know which one of those is accurate. She had too much heat with too many different people and that was the story. That’s why the new guy was brought in to replace her”. It has come as a surprise to many that Charly Caruso will no longer be featured on WWE TV. Caruso has grown immensely in popularity and has been a staple of the WWE interviewing team since 2016.