Update on Daniel Bryan's WWE Hall of Fame 2021 induction

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Update on Daniel Bryan's WWE Hall of Fame 2021 induction

Daniel Bryan's name got a lot of talk this week after a WWE graphic introduced him as a member of the 2021 Hall of Fame. Then WWE removed the whole thing. But there is still a pretty big feeling that he will be included this year.

During 'Wrestling Observer Radio', Dave Meltzer said that according to his information Daniel Bryan could indeed join the WWE Hall of Fame as early as 2021. The timing of this decision, however, would be very interesting, since the American Dragon is still a full-fledged Superstar, a WWE full-timer.

However, the person concerned has already spoken openly about the fact that that part of his career could be nearing an end. However, Daniel Bryan has always stated that he never wants to fully retire. "So maybe Daniel could get into the WWE Hall of Fame," Meltzer said.

When Bryan Alvarez then asked him how the induction could take place and especially how it could make sense with the ongoing storylines, Meltzer explained the possible situation: "Who knows? Do you know that Daniel Bryan is certainly suggesting to ease his commitments with WWE? He wants to be a dad because he's already made good money, but saying something like that without attracting fan discontent is pretty complicated because you'd be going to deprive people of their fun."

Daniel Bryan on why he doesn't want to be a full-time WWE Superstar

It has been noted that WWE can cheer fans on anything the management wants within the ThunderDome. All the company has to do is hit the "cheer" button to avoid boos if a promo arrives in which Daniel Bryan announces that he wants to put a stop to his career.

"That's right, you just press the button and that's how it works - observed Meltzer -. Yes, but he doesn't want to retire either. Do you understand what I mean? He doesn't want to travel a lot, but he never wants to retire permanently.

He would like to become like Dory Funk Jr, in the ring at 80, and I mean it. Hopefully, this can happen, the certainty is that Daniel Bryan doesn't want to retire. He just doesn't want to keep traveling constantly with this frequency."

It, therefore, remains to be seen if Daniel Bryan is somehow expected to enter the WWE Hall of Fame on the same weekend as WrestleMania in which, at least theoretically, he could also be crowned Universal Champion. An anomaly, of course, which however also concerns his potential opponent for the same title: a certain Edge.

Daniel Bryan has had a few interesting feuds over the last year. He was in a feud with then Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn at last year's WrestleMania and later wrestled AJ Styles. He took some time off and returned to WWE in October to wrestle with a few different superstars.

Daniel Bryan then faced Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber but lost the title match. He will challenge The Tribal Chief once again this weekend at Fastlane.