*Spoiler* Major WrestleMania showdown teased

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*Spoiler* Major WrestleMania showdown teased

One of the most interesting and most followed storylines of recent weeks in WWE, is certainly the one that sees the Universal champion Roman Reigns, his challenger for Wrestlemania, Edge and the challenger of Fastlane Daniel Bryan battle it out in the rings of the blue show.

In fact, a conflict has arisen between the three in the last weeks of the show, with Edge and Daniel Bryan who have come at loggerheads and there are those who have blamed Reigns, guilty of carrying on his reign of terror at Smackdown, in a way that both sides of Smackdown don't like.

After winning the men's Royal Rumble, Edge has in fact challenged Reigns at WrestleMania, but also found himself in front of Daniel Bryan, at one point, with the former American Dragon who was the designated opponent of Reigns in the PPV that aired tonight: Fastlane.

Major WrestleMania showdown teased

Apparently, the Fastlane match is said to not have had a well-defined winner, or rather a clean victory, given that the meddling was heavy and continuous as always, with Edge and Jey Uso dominating and with Roman Reigns who came very close to losing several times, including when he succumbed to Daniel Bryan's Yes Lock, but neither the referee nor Edge were careful to see the actions of the two involved in the ring, causing Daniel Bryan to go on a rampage.

During the dispute that closed Fastlane, in fact, in the end, it was Roman Reigns who prevailed, after Daniel Bryan had had to defend himself from the attacks of his cousin Jey and after Edge had taken it out with the former WWE Champion who he had hit him by mistake, instead of hitting Reigns with a chair.

After the fortuitous victory of Reigns, it seems that WWE is intent on transforming the main event of WrestleMania 37, into a triple threat match, with the addition of Daniel Bryan who now seems very likely, but we will have to wait for the next episode of Smackdown to better understand the situation.

Whether or not Edge crosses the line and becomes a full-fledged heel after WWE Fastlane remains to be seen. But the seeds have been planted for Edge's possible heel turn, while Bryan gets a chance to create the same narrative as his iconic WrestleMania 30 run.

For the first time throughout The Tribal Chief's title reign, there is a huge chance he could lose the gold at The Show of Shows. After WWE Fastlane, the stakes have been significantly increased, even if the path to achieving that goal did not please everyone at the same time.