Andrade released from WWE

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Andrade released from WWE
Andrade released from WWE (Provided by Wrestling World)

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the situation of Andrade, a wrestler of Monday Night Raw who had been removed from the WWE for a lack of creative ideas towards him, with the boy of Mexican origins who had even asked for his release, after not being was not even taken into consideration for the annual Draft which took place in October last year.

After spending several months in the WWE oblivion, Charlotte Flair's boyfriend decided to ask for her release, with rumors of a possible farewell that had even been confirmed by the same athlete on his Twitter account a few days ago.

Andrade's career in WWE

With the usual press release that comes a bit surprising, (but not so much, knowing the situation), WWE announced in the last few hours how the wrestler Andrade has been officially released, with the message of good wishes for his future that accompanied Charlotte Flair's boyfriend at the door.

On the official website of the WWE and on its social pages, we read in fact: "WWE has reached an agreement for the release of Andrade. We wish him the best for his future endeavors." After months of stalemate, without the slightest on-screen use and above all after becoming aware of the fact that the federation did not have the slightest creative idea towards it, the talent of Monday Night Raw who currently no longer even had a roster of membership, after not being included in the annual draft, he thus decided to leave the WWE, with the federation initially trying to stop the boy, but then had to give in to the will of his former US champion.

Once again the WWE finds itself losing a battle with its disgruntled wrestler, after seeing the farewells of the past years of the likes of Luke Harper, the Revivals, Cody Rhodes and many others, who disgruntled with their situation on the television screens.

WWE tried to seek their fortune elsewhere, finding her in the All Elite Wrestling rings. In April 2018, Andrade and Vega were drafted to SmackDown as part of the Superstar Shake-up. Andrade has had a relatively impressive career on the main roster as well and he has won the United States Championship once.

He wasn't seen on WWE TV since October, nearly five months ago. In real-life, Andrade is in a relationship with WWE Superstar and 13-time champion Charlotte Flair. The couple got engaged on January 1, 2020. Earlier, Andrade tweeted that he had good news, leaving fans wondering what he was referring to. Looks like we finally found out what that good news was.