*Spoiler* Retribution kicks out Mustafa Ali from the faction

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*Spoiler* Retribution kicks out Mustafa Ali from the faction

It had already been in the air for several weeks and in the last few days several clues had already led WWE Universe fans to think of a dissolution of the stable, but after what we saw on the Fastlane rings it now seems to give officiality to it.

The Retribution is said to have in fact dissolved just before the Fastlane main card. After the vicissitudes that arrived in several episodes of Monday Night Raw, where the leader of the stable, Mustafa Ali, continued undaunted to blame his teammates for their defeats, it seemed that the relationship between members of the stable began to creak a bit, with the latest clues from Twitter that seemed to leave no room for doubt.

On Saturday, in fact, T-Bar had eliminated all references to Retribution from his Twitter account, foreshadowing something coming for him and his now-former stable, which the fans still did not understand well.

Was this the end of RETRIBUTION?

During the Fastlane kick-off, Riddle once again managed to defend his American title from Mustafa Ali's attack, with the Retribution leader who, as usual, did not want to take responsibility and instead took it out on his stablemates, guilty of having betrayed him in time of need.

This time, however, his followers did not stay to hear Ali's screams without doing anything and without lifting a finger, so Reckoning and Slapjack decided to leave the ring, while instead Mustafa Ali was left in the clutches of the two beasts of the Retribution, Mace and T-Bar.

After having heard of all the colors, Mace and T-Bar have thus decided to hit Mustafa Ali with a double Chokeslam, most likely sanctioning the end of the Retribution, which had been creaking for some time in the rings of Monday Night Raw.

We will now see, from a Wrestlemania 37 perspective, what the WWE will invent with its stable now completely flaking, if someone will continue their path as a team or if all the wrestlers who were once a stable will now go forward in single.

Reckoning wasn't ready to take the blame for Ali's loss and walked away. Slapjack did the same as well. Mustafa Ali shouted that he doesn't need them and then went on to blame T-BAR for all of this. A frustrated MACE then grabbed his throat and T-BAR joined him to deliver a double chokeslam to their leader.

With T-BAR and MACE attacking Ali tonight and Reckoning and Slapjack walking away, one has to wonder whether this is the end of RETRIBUTION? There is a possibility that they will find a new leader and continue the faction. Comment down and let us know your thoughts on this.