Daniel Bryan names two WWE stars that have made a 'lot of strides'

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Daniel Bryan names two WWE stars that have made a 'lot of strides'

Daniel Bryan is one of the most experienced and caliber wrestlers of the blue show, he returned back in 2018 after three years of absence from the ring caused by a brain commission he had in his last fight in April 2015. In 2018 he then returned with a surprise match at Wrestlemania 34.

In the course of an interview given by the wrestler to the microphones of the colleagues of Bleacher Report, former WWE Universal Champion Daniel Bryan revealed that at some point he thought about leaving WWE and also the world of wrestling and some situations emerged to reflect on.

Daniel Bryan's backstage role on SmackDown

Here are his words: “In case WWE hadn't given me the chance to fight again, I think I would have left. I had received clearances from several doctors and medical staff and felt very good and confident about my fighting skills.

I am very grateful that in the end, it went like this. I have to say the frustrating part is that at that time I had a really bad attitude, I couldn't accept that I wasn't allowed to fight and many times I didn't even show up for work.

I thought 'Fan**** this place' and I couldn't accept these things." Over the course of his career, Daniel Bryan has had several ups and downs in WWE but he is certainly one of the biggest stars of the company and was a Triple Crown Champion and a five-time WWE World Champion and this night could add another title to his bulletin board in case of victory (considered very difficult anyway) against the WWE Universal Champion.

While speaking to Bleacher Report, Daniel Bryan was asked about who he thinks would've been booed or cheered by fans now, if they were in the arena. Bryan stated that maybe Roman Reigns would've got cheers from fans.

He also named two superstars that have impressed him lately. "Another one that I think has made a lot of strides in the last several weeks, in the last month is Apollo Crews, who's been doing some really good stuff.

And also Cesaro. I think Cesaro is on an h*t streak, and I think if we had fans there live, I wouldn't be surprised if Cesaro chants broke out in the middle of the show. But that's the thing: You don't know. These are just guesses, and I've been wrong with many guesses, as we all have. It will be interesting to see."