Charlotte Flair on Andrade's WWE release

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Charlotte Flair on Andrade's WWE release

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about WWE's Mexican talent, Andrade, who was released by the Stamford-based company in the last few hours, after explicitly asking the company's management to leave. In the last few weeks the rumor had in fact been running online that the former champion of the United States himself was at odds with the creative team and with the management of the company, guilty of not having planned any kind of plan for him on-screen, with his partner.

by Charlotte Flair, who had been missing from the federation's television screens since last year and who seemed not to be back in the short term. After learning of Andrade's problems with WWE executives, problems that the athlete himself had confirmed via a personal tweet on his Twitter page, the Stamford federation eventually decided to give up, releasing his athlete ahead of time.

In recent days, even for Charlotte Flair the situation does not seem to be the best, with the former WWE world champion being removed for no apparent reason from the Wrestlemania poster, where she was initially present between Edge and Roman Reigns, with fans.

who immediately started asking questions about the plight of Nature Boy's beautiful daughter for Wrestlemania.

Andrade was last seen on WWE television 5 months ago

Apparently, according to what Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported in the last few hours, it would seem that Charlotte Flair's situation with WWE is more dubious than ever, with the federation's multiple world champion having in fact disappeared from plans for Wrestlemania, without a precise reason that has been disclosed.

In one of his latest newsletters, Meltzer reported that: "She is shooting the film at the moment. As for Charlotte and Wrestlemania, they're literally avoiding the conversation with me and the other reporters. What is underneath certainly has nothing to do with the film, because if it had been that they would not have kept it hidden."

Apparently, Charlotte Flair is said to be currently busy with the reboot of the film Walking Tall, which in the first film starred WWE's other wrestler from the past, The Rock. While nothing has leaked from WWE circles at the moment, Charlotte Flair is likely to have bigger problems than filming the film to cope with, following the release of her fiancé from Stamford's company.

The last television appearance for Andrade in WWE was back in October 2020. In what would be his final segment for the company, the star was attacked by The Fiend, alongside his former manager, Zelina Vega. This was also around the time of the WWE Draft, when Vega was moved to SmackDown.

Andrade is one of a handful of stars who hadn't competed on WWE television for the entirety of 2021. Another notable star who hasn't been seen for quite some time is Aleister Black who, like Andrade, is a former NXT Champion.