Backstage details on Retribution's creative plans changing

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Backstage details on Retribution's creative plans changing

Even the last WWE PPV before Wrestlemania, Fastlane, has now gone to the archives, with numerous surprises that have left WWE Universe fans in awe, such as the return of the Fiend after months of absence, which has thus reported his big face completely burnt on the TV screens of the McMahon-owned company or the titled victory of Roman Reigns, who thus kept the Universal Championship firmly on his shoulder, in the dispute with Daniel Bryan.

Another twist that the fans still did not expect or at least not entirely, was the dissolution of Retribution, an important stable of Monday Night Raw, which for weeks has been good and bad times both in the rings of the red show.

than on those of the blue show, before stopping permanently on the WWE Monday night show. In the ppv aired on Sunday night, Mustafa Ali was finally attacked by his followers, now tired of hearing his sermons and his calls at the end of each match, with Mace and T-Bar who in fact hit Ali with a Double Chokeslam , before slipping away.

Retribution: Mustafa Ali has been wrestling with a torn PCL since December

According to an initial analysis carried out by Dave Meltzer, during his daily Wrestling Observer Newsletter, for the members of the Retribution team there could now be a moment of absolute oblivion, with the management of the Stamford company that in fact may not have anything ready.

for such wrestlers, who would remain so stuck in the pits, like other colleagues stuck for weeks or even months. According to Meltzer, in fact: "Breaking up the group makes me realize that they won't have anything until some new ideas come up for them and it could take a long time.

I mean, very often they split people who don't have a destination and end up stay there in a corner, precisely without destination." After the breakup and dissolution of the Retribution which took place in Fastlane, therefore, which now seem to be clear and decisive, in the future of the wrestlers who made up the chaos team there could be total nothingness, in a situation similar to that of Murphy, Andrade and Bo Dallas, who is certainly not the aspiration of any pro-wrestler in the world and which leads precisely to requesting the release, as happened a few days ago to the Mexican.

As of this writing, WWE has nothing listed on their preview for WWE RAW as it pertains to the remaining members of RETRIBUTION. While it's possible the four other members of the group could remain together, last night teased the idea of T-Bar and Mace as a tag team while Reckoning and Slapjack would be going their own separate ways. Whether these four talented performers get to adopt their former names and gimmicks going forward is currently unknown.