Randy Orton on not wanting to face Drew McIntyre

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Randy Orton on not wanting to face Drew McIntyre

For months now, WWE superstar Randy Orton has been engaged in an endless feud against 'The Fiend' In WWE's Pay Per View, TLC, in 2020, The Viper 'burned' The Fiend alive and seemed to put an end to this massive feud.

In reality, from that day on, the malign interpretation of Bray Wyatt no longer appeared in the ring but he was replaced by Alexa Bliss who used the powers of the Demon to drive the Legend Killer almost mad. This night Fastlane went on stage, an event where Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss challenged each other and where the latter was sensationally able to get the victory thanks to the providential help of The Fiend, who returned 'from the underworld' in a new guise and who has hit the expert wrestler with a Sister Abigail.

At that point, it was 'child's play' for Alexa Bliss to pin the opponent and thus obtain an important victory. Before this feud, however, Randy Orton was involved in a fight for the WWE Champion against Drew McIntyre with the Legend Killer who first took the title and then lost it shortly afterwards from Scottish Psychopath.

Randy Orton on his backstage interaction with Drew McIntyre

During a recent episode of Broken Skull Sessions with WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton revealed that at first, he didn't want to face or otherwise didn't need to challenge Drew McIntyre.

Here are his words about it: "The truth is, at the beginning I really didn't have any interest in being in the ring with him. Little by little, we got closer and in the end, he got a great deal of growth. After this period we had 3-4 challenges in Pay per View and I got to know Drew, I knew him very much and I realized that he loves this business and I know that he gives everything for the wrestling world.

He and I think the same way and therefore, especially in recent months, we have challenged each other trying to improve each other and to make the sport we love exciting." Randy Orton then made it clear that initially challenging Drew McIntyre wasn't his priority but he eventually learned to like him and realized how good Scottish Psychopath is.

In the same interview, Randy Orton also spoke about how he had no desire initially to face Drew McIntyre. He revealed that as he got to know more about McIntyre, he changed his mind about the Scotsman. "Originally, I had no interest in being there with him.

We got closer and closer and closer and closer and he grew on me. And we had like three or four pay-per-view matches and I slowly learned more about this guy."