Charlotte Flair breaks her silence on Raw absence

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Charlotte Flair breaks her silence on Raw absence

In the last few hours, there has been a lot of talk about WWE multi-champion Charlotte Flair and her recent absence from the Stamford federation TV screens, which foreshadowed something definitely not good for her. In the last episode of Monday Night Raw last week, Charlotte did not in fact appear in the rings of the red show, nor did we see her appearance of her in the rings of Fastlane, although the girl did not have a match in the PPV anyway.

The last appearance had by the daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, was in fact in the episode of Raw two weeks ago, where Charlotte had gone to challenge Asuka for a match titled in that of Wrestlemania 37, but without receiving a response from the Japanese, who at the time was out due to a mouth injury suffered by Shayna Baszler, which also cost her a tooth.

Will Charlotte Flair be ready in time for WrestleMania?

After the latest rumors that seemed to throw a dim light on Charlotte Flair's future in WWE, with Dave Meltzer who had pointed out the strange situation of Andrade's girlfriend, completely disappeared from the TV screens and from the Wrestlemania poster without a reason, the confirmation of the same athlete, that his removal from the WWE Raw television screens came only for health reasons, as the girl would have tested positive for the covid-19 molecular swab.

With this short press release that arrived directly on her personal Twitter account, Charlotte revealed to fans that she has the covid, saying: "I know everyone is wondering where have I gone. I tested positive for COVID and I'm at home resting Thanks to everyone for your love."

After two weeks of silence, the real situation around the WWE Queen emerges, who fortunately seems to be in a condition of health that is not worrying and to whom the whole WorldWrestling editorial team goes, for a speedy recovery, waiting to know his plans for Wrestlemania.

With the confirmation that Charlotte Flair has COVID-19, this certainly explains The Queen's removal from the WrestleMania promotional materials late last week. Without knowing the exact date Flair contracted the virus, it is impossible to speculate when she'll be healthy and ready to step back inside a WWE ring.

An actual match at WrestleMania 37 might not be a possibility. This will certainly be a story to watch in the next few weeks leading into WrestleMania.