WWE Fastlane: Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon seemingly off due to...

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WWE Fastlane: Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon seemingly off due to...

Everyone expected such an announcement to come, and it has come as expected. Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon, a match that WWE has been building for weeks and postponed several times, will eventually happen. And the theater will be the biggest of the year: that of WrestleMania.

This is the outcome of what happened during the night on Raw. Shane McMahon went on to talk about having an injured knee during this Monday night's edition of the red show, forcing Elias to intervene against Braun Strowman in his place as he did at Fastlane.

And, like at Fastlane, Strowman beat Elias. Only this time, McMahon attacked the rival with his crutch, forcing him to flee. Strowman, now exhausted of all this, then launched his challenge. Interesting only the detail of "any match you want", which most likely will give rise to a challenge with a special stipulation destined to put Braun Strowman in some difficulty in that of WrestleMania 37.

Braun Strowman will still be looking for revenge on Shane McMahon

The problems between Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon had started before Elimination Chamber when Monster Among Men was excluded from the contention to six valid for the title of WWE Champion as not a former WWE Champion (he in fact held the other overall title of the company, that of WWE Universal Champion).

Since then he has begun to take it more and more frequently with Adam Pearce first and with Shane McMahon then, with the story that has undergone an escalation from the episode of Raw on March 8 last. Here for the first time, Vince McMahon's eldest son presented Strowman as an idiot, clearly fixing the roles of the two in the feud (good Braun, bad Shane).

Their dispute has also faced various problems in the approach to Fastlane: initially excluded from the card, it then reappeared during the PPV. As we have seen, however, Shane McMahon has been replaced by the newfound lackey Elias.

Then the announcement: the two will see it at WrestleMania. In what ways is still to be determined, at least for the moment. He may not get to give Shane McMahon "these hands" at Fastlane, but we can surely expect to see Braun Strowman push for a match as soon as he possibly can.

Perhaps the two men will have their fated matchup at WrestleMania 37. Would you like to see Braun Strowman go face-to-face against Shane McMahon at the Show of Shows? Let us know down below.