Miro reacts after fan says he lives off Lana's paycheck

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Miro reacts after fan says he lives off Lana's paycheck

Despite leaving WWE and moving to rival All Elite Wrestling company, Bulgarian-born wrestler Miro, known in Vince McMahon's company as Rusev, continues to be much loved and appreciated by fans at the same time there are those making fun of him on their Twitter accounts.

In WWE Rusev is known not only for his activities in the ring but above all for the controversial storyline that saw him as a 'betrayed husband' with Lana and current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. According to the plot Lana, his partner, left Rusev to get together with The All Mighty, a story that brought several criticisms and controversies and even went as far as staging a wedding.

Then last April the WWE was forced due to the pandemic to make some cuts and Rusev was also cut. After a few months the wrestler, whose real name is Miro, returned to the rival company, the AEW of the Khan family.

Miro has been dealing with trolls on social media for a long time now

The Bulgarian wrestler has always been very active on social media and even now the situation has not changed.

During a series of questions and answers with his supporters, Miro found himself answering a fan (with an insult) who taunted him about the title of WWE Champion just awarded to Bobby Lashley. This fan was telling Miro that The All Mighty was a real man, unlike him.

Recall that Lashley won the WWE Championship title in the last episode of Monday Night Raw where he made the now former champion The Miz surrender during a Lumberjack Match. On the Twitter channels, there are several social accounts that make fun and in addition to that a fan posted a message to Miro stating that he lives on the salary that the WWE pays to Lana.

In recent times, many have said that Miro is not giving much to AEW and is actually struggling to get into this new role. In this case, Miro preferred not to respond with insults but reacted elegantly enough with sarcasm and a lot of ironies.

Miro's WWE career started off pretty well, and he was pushed as a monster when he made his way to the main roster in 2014. He wrestled John Cena at WrestleMania 31 a year later. In 2017-18, Miro got over with the WWE Universe with his "Rusev Day" gimmick, but WWE failed to capitalize on the same, and he remained a mid-card act on WWE SmackDown.

His feud with Bobby Lashley and Lana in 2019-20 completely killed his character. He was released by WWE following WrestleMania 36, while Lana stayed with Bobby Lashley on WWE TV. Lana and Lashley were eventually separated, and Miro made his way to AEW.